July 26, 2011

Wacky Wednesday



Well hello there felines!  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the late hours of the morn (I slept in today kitties!)...and what do I find?  Starbucks coffees and mini-cupcakes are there waiting for me...can you believe it felines?  Now theese was just purr-fect for today as I was feeling sleepy and needed the pep of an espresso!  So Secretary Neytiri and I had our morning cappuccino and mini carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting and then got down to the daily business of supervising the Assembly Line Elves, dusting etc. etc.  Any other Starbucks fans out there?  Or anyone who likes to partake in the fine art of espresso-making or compete in Barista Championships?   In the past, I have competed in a BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP.  You can read about it in the previous post if you like.

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".

July 25, 2011

Matchmaking Monday

Hello there Audience!  It's Uncle Cloon here with an important announcement...ARCHIE THE BOLD has asked for Neytiri's paw and she has accepted!  The cute little couple has had their first purr-fessional photo shoot with the very talented ZOOLATRY

Now I wish I could take credit for the purr-fect match, but the young'uns did it all by themselves!  The two of them have lots in common including their pink noses, their fondness for climbing and insects, and their fearless yet easy-going manner. 

Where Matchmaker Cloon comes in is to advise other Mancats of tips for a successful headshot when one is searching for their special Ladycat.  Let's take Young Master Archie for example...he has done an excellent job!  Firstly, he has that "dreamy" look in his eyes which tends to hypnotize the Ladycats.  Secondly, the guy has "nose freckles" which can definitely "seal the deal" and work in your favor fellow Mancats!  Thirdly, take good care of your furs Mancats...as you can see the young lad is freshly groomed for his photo op.  And, last but not at all least, "curly toes" cause the Ladies to go crazy!  Here Archie is showcasing his excellent toesies and peach paw pads as well as "putting on the curl"! 

 Well felines, there you have it!  For anyone wanting extra Matchmaking tips...Call 1-800-ROM-ANCE... the lines will remain open until 11:59 PST. 

July 21, 2011

Thankful on Thursday - "Mission Accomplished!"

Hello there Audience!  I'z got some exciting news for you all...Lil Em has moved to her forever home today with her new Mom!  Isn't that fantastic?  We are very thankful today at Headquarters that someone has reached out to give this sweet little kitty the permanent home she so deserves. 

A big acknowledgement to the awesome  BRIAN who is such a great advocate for animals and for cats in particular.  He made it his mission to make everyone aware of Sapphire and Lil Em's situation and try to find them a forever home.  A big thanks to MARG who has such a great heart and gave Lil Em a foster home to better her living conditions while she waited for adoption.  Many thanks to all who had Lil Em in their thoughts and prayers and advocated for her.  And of course, most importantly, the biggest thanks ever to Lil Em's New Mom!  So today we say, great job folks and :

Now let's dance!  And this calls for a very special dance...

Hey Macarena!

July 18, 2011



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn and what do I find?  My very own package of catnip seeds!  Isn't that fantastic?  I was very excited about theese one!  Now I has to do some research on the interwebs about the optimal growing conditions for catnip.  Then I think I'll tend to my new plants in my Secret Research Laboratory where I can monitor their progress.  Does anyone out there have any good tips for me?  Neytiri was already getting a bit nip-crazy in anticipation...

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".

July 15, 2011

Secretary Saturday

Hello there Audience.  Welcome to our first ever Secretary Saturday!  It's Secretary Neytiri here with an important announcement and some friendly Secretarial advice.  First of all, it is very important for felines to have a comfy, office chair with good support for the furs.  If you have one of theese ones in your environment, lay claim to it immediately...park yourself there as your new favorite place to be... and only move away from it temporarily for Num-Nums breaks.  It is also a very convenient and comfortable spot for doing research on the interwebs like reading Wikipedias for example.

Now I have to warn you felines that "others" will also want to join you on the office chair once they are onto it...Use your discretion here whether you allow it or not.  Remember first and foremost that you have important Secretarial duties to attend to and can't afford much distraction.  Also, it depends on how big the surface area of the chair is, whether you can accommodate the "others".  In my case, "Ducky" is able to fit between my paws so it isn't too bad...And also he is my "protege" and Secretary-in-training as well.  (Did I mention that the little guy takes a lot of energy to "train"?  Sometimes I have to schedule a little R&R into my routine...) 

My important announcement today is that we are ready to transplant the funds from Clooney's Num-Num Fund to "Lil Em's Love Fund".  Here I have issued a pink corporate cheque to Lil Em.  "Ducky" wanted to be the one to present it.  Clooney's Comment-A-Thon had 97 comments and he pledged 50 cents per comment, so the total was rounded up to $50.00.  A big thanks to everyone who participated!  We are hoping that Lil Em will soon find a wonderful forever home. 

Brian's Home or Marg's Pets can be contacted for further information about the lovely Lil Em.  Well everyone this is Secretary Neytiri signing off and wishing everyone a Happy Caturday!

July 13, 2011


And we're live...On The Red Carpet with
George Clooney the Cat!  The Clooneys were captured on camera by the very special
Paw-Purr-Azzi from Zoolatry...
Now for an exclusive interview with the Mancat of the hour, or should we say...24 hours...Here's... Clooney...

Hello there Audience!  Welcome to my 5th Birthday Celebration!  I am choosing to
"Paw It Forward" for my Birthday and I have in attendance a very special guest.  My Red Carpet Guest of Honour is the lovely Lil Em.

Lil Em is in desperate need of a loving forever home.  So I decided to transplant some of my dollars from my Num-Num Fund to create a "Love Fund" for her.  To do this I am holding a Comment-A-Thon today July 14 from 12:00 AM PST until 11:59 PM PST.  For every comment left, I will donate 50 cents.  One comment per household, and a cap of $111 will be set.  (This fund will be used towards helping with travel or transport for someone adopting her or towards her care.)  If you don't know Lil Em's story please read it here at BRIAN'S HOME.  Here is an update on Lil Em,  she is currently in foster care at MARG'S PETS.  On July 11, Lil Em's dear sister Sapphire passed into kitty heaven and she had a parting wish for Lil Em...

(For anyone wanting to give this wonderful kitty the loving home she deserves, please contact Brian or Marg above.)

Ok folks, we'll dry our tears and carry on with my Birthday celebration because we're hoping this is the beginning of good karma for Lil Em.  So of course, I'm wearing the tuxedo my "tunnel" gave me this week. 

And Neytiri is decked out in jewels for the Red Carpet Affair...

Neytiri is also in charge of the
Red Carpet Num-Nums Station.  Now theese one is a good one!  Felines may proceed to this V.I.P. area and select their choice of Num-Nums or tuna...While there, you may also receive complimentary Elvis Voice-Coaching Lessons from "The Baby" (the orange dog toy in the sombrero) and Skateboarding Tips from "Ducky".  Take advantage of this folks, theese two are experts in their field...


Then have a saunter over towards Yours Truly...I'z been waiting the whole day to Samba with you!  (Warning: Theese one is on a first-come first-served basis...)  And then...we'll continue the PARTAY over at the NipClub...(I requested the "Chicken Dance"...I wonder if they have theese one?? If not, I'll have to settle for some Lady Gaga...)
"Just put your paws up...because you were born theese way baby!  I'm on the right track baby...I was born theese way"..

July 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Sweet Moments



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn and what do I find?  My very own tuxedo is there waiting for me...Can you believe it felines?  I was very excited about theese one because now I have something other than my uh...Birthday suit to wear to my Birthday Party.  And seeing as though it's a Red Carpet Affair the tuxedo is way more appropriate.  Plus I think it will go good with my gray furs...

Now Audience, I want to get some business out of the way here.  First of all, I want to thank everyone for purring for me and being so nice with their comments and concern.  It did end up taking me awhile to feel better.  But The "Power Of The Purr" worked its magic on me and now I am eating my Num-Nums and crunchies, feeling way better, being social and wanting attention from my Human  etc. etc.  So it's all good and you all are just AWESOME! 

Secondly, on Thursday, July 14 it is my 5th Birthday and I'm going to "Paw It Forward" by having a Comment-a-thon to help Lil Em.  We were so sad to hear that Sapphire went Over The Rainbow Bridge yesterday and her parting wish was for her sister Lil Em to get help finding a forever home.  So we are going to donate towards theese most worthy cause.  Come visit on Thursday for details...

July 7, 2011

Niptini-Free Friday

Free Niptini Friday...I mean...Niptini-Free Friday!

Hello there felines.  This is Uncle Cloon here with an important message for you kitties.  Make sure you monitor your Niptini intake this weekend!  I went overboard earlier on in the week and still have been suffering the consequences...JUST SAY NO!  Trust me on theese one!  Apparently, I had been testing some new colognes on myself during my, uh...shall we say indulgence.  Theese has caused some problems at Headquarters in the last few days.  Apparently, Secretary Neytiri does not like my "new" scent and has been growling and hissing at me.  Today, we came very close to our first ever boxing match.  So, Mancats do not buy the cheap cologne...Ladycats are a bit unforgiving when it comes to this!  Well folks...TGIF!  (In my books, this means: Thank God I'm Feline...)

(Update from Cloon's Human:  My little guy is still a bit under the weather.  I'm not sure if the intubation has irritated his throat or what but he hasn't had a big appetite the past 2 days and has been withdrawn.  If you could send him some good thoughts, I'd appreciate it. )

July 5, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - Stirred...Not Shaken

Well hello there Audience.  I'm afraid I may have had WAY TOO MANY Niptinis...I wokes up with theese Niptini glass next to me???  At least I feel like I had alot of them...I thinks the tarbender may have shaken them...and I only drinks them "stirred"!  Also felines, I may have joined a gang in theese fuzzy state of mind.  I has theese red band on my leg and I don't know where it comes from.  Red kinda goes nicely with my furs, don't you think?  Think of the sequel:
"The Hangover 3 - The Niptini Edition"...

Whoa!  I'm fading fast folks...I'm going to pass theese story over to my Human...

Wow, what a day.  I sat on pins and needles waiting for the Vet to call. 
(I'm a nervous and protective Cat-Mom...that's just the way I roll.)  And no call came.  So I thought that was probably a good thing.  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and called the clinic.  At 1PM, they said Clooney was just starting to wake up.  I wasn't able to talk to the Vet and no one at the desk really knew any information.  They said everything was most likely ok if I wasn't called and to come at 5 PM to get Clooney.  At 5:30 PM I was able to talk with the Vet.  Clooney was under the anesthetic for 1 hour and the Vet said he did well.  His throat was checked for polyps and his right ear was examined again more closely.  No evidence of anything in his throat  and the x-rays  were all clear and purr-fect!  No signs of any kind of abnormalities anywhere!  It looks like what is blocking the view of the eardrum is just wax but it is too close to the eardrum to try to take out.  The dental x-rays were also purr-fect!  All roots are healthy and no teeth were removed.  His teeth were cleaned as they have needed a cleaning.  Looks like the swollen bump along the nose, which has gone down almost completely in the past few days, (must be those purrs!) is not related to the teeth.  The Vet thinks it may have been due to an outside trauma of some sort like him bumping into something. In the past 4 hours that we've been home, he's been more stirred than shaken...He has had a few licks of Num-Nums, eaten a few crunchies but mainly just sits in different spots and stares.  There's been a bit of sneezing and a bit of a cough from the intubation.  Neytiri is walking wide circles around him stretching out to sniff him at a distance!  But The Cloon always smells good to me! 

A tremendous and heartfelt thank you to everyone for the good thoughts and purrs.  The power of the purr prevails!


July 4, 2011



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn...and what do I find?  Jello!!! Can you believe it felines?  Isn't that just awesome!  And my tunnel also had a "Get Well Soon Cloon" message for me.  I thinks my tunnel really cares about me...

I got a close-up sniff of the jello and it is cherry-flavored.  Notice how my tunnel even made my initial out of jello as well!  Theese tunnel is something else! 


Oh oh.  Neytiri is trying to muscle in on my jello territory...I hopes my Human saves it for me cause I can't have anything to eat right now...But I will be anxious to try it very soon!

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".


Well I'm off to get a bit of shut-eye before my day starts.  See you soon folks!  And I am expecting LOTS of extra Num-Nums...

July 1, 2011

Power Of The PURR

Hello everyone, it's Cloon's Human here with a request for purrs for my Clooney.  He's a proud little guy and a tough little cookie, reminding me of the Energizer Bunny...so I'm sure he wouldn't want me to be making a big fuss over him.  But us Humans can get a little worried about our furry families...

Clooney has an appointment at the V-E-T on Tuesday, July 5th 9AM PST where he will be undergoing anesthesia to have some x-rays done.  A bump had appeared two weeks ago along the left side of his nose and they need to determine if it is an abscessed tooth root.  He also is being checked for nasal polyps, which is a separate matter, as is his right ear which has something blocking the view of his eardrum (hopefully only wax).  When I adopted him from the rescue I was told he had sensitivity to anesthetic at the time of his neutering, so that has also added to my concern for him.   I have been very worried the last few weeks as my furry family is my biggest area of vulnerability.  But I believe in the power of the purr in numbers and would like to ask all who have visited our blog in the past 2 years to think good thoughts for Clooney.  My wish and prayer is that nothing serious shows in the x-rays and that Clooney does well under the anesthetic and recovers with ease from the anesthetic and all the procedures and is in good health.

I had asked Ann from Zoolatry for a graphic of him.  The above is a sidebar tag if anyone so wishes to use it.  My appreciation and gratitude to everyone in advance.  I mean "The Cloon" needs to be in tip-top shape for his 5th Birthday on July 14, 2011!  Not to mention he's got a Num-Num Fund to run!