August 28, 2021

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance #CaturdayArt

"I have only slipped away

into the next room

I am I and you are you

Whatever we were

to each other, that we are still

Life means all that it ever meant

It is the same as it ever was

There is absolute and unbroken continuity

I am but waiting for you

For an interval

Somewhere very near

Just around the corner

All Is Well."

-excerpt from poem 'Death Is Nothing At All' (Henry Scott Holland)


Approaching the two month mark of the loss of my Clooney, I will acknowledge that it's been a loss that runs very deep and still seems, in part, a bit of a dream.  I want to thank each and every person who left a comment for me as it has been a piece of my healing. When I lost Inka, we were not part of a blogging community and it has touched me that others have shared this particular loss with me.  The cat blogging community holds such a special place in my heart and I am grateful for your support.  Again, thank you.  Gentle purrs to each person who is remembering their beloved(s) today or every day. 

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July 12, 2021


My Dear Clooney,

My world was forever changed when your heart stopped beating at 3:11 PM, Friday, July 2, 2021.  You left this world with the same graciousness, sweetness and vulnerability that you entered my life with 14 years, 5 months and 11 days ago.  You came in on a cold, snowy day in January and left the week of a record heat wave.  You and I had a love that contained everything, every peak and valley.  You taught me so much about love, in your living and in your passing.  You changed me.  You were my muse, my problem child, the squeaky wheel, my squeaky wheel, a healer, my healer and the mystery I just couldn't solve.  Even though you somehow felt you had to compete with Neytiri for my love, I need you to know that you hold the title to a prime piece of real estate in my heart and that you will always be King of my heart.  The absence of your presence is palpable and I miss you tremendously. Rest in peace, my Mancat Divine, may you be reunited with your best friend Inka at the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you.

 *My grief is running as deep as my tremendous love for and bond with my precious Clooney.  The words fall short.*


Thank you so much to Ann for the beautiful image.

*Please return for Clooney's own post: "The Third Act", in the next few days*

July 14, 2020


*I'm too sexy for my furs*

Well hello there Audience!  Welcome to my Birthday!  And not just any ol' Royal one where I turned 14 on the 14th!!!

*Theese guy is obsessed with me*

My day started with a tap on the window and there was the Woofie From Next Door delivering some special Birthday wishes...

*Waiting for the KFC Delivery Guy*

Then Neytiri and I partook of some prime bird watchin'...

*I'm WAY too sexy for my furs*

And prime loafin'...

...around on the catio...

All in all, it was a Royal Affair! 

April 3, 2020

Caturday Art

"When you don't know what else to do and things are strangely bizarre, why not ask the Universe to show you something beautiful today?"

- Dain Heer

May you witness some beauty daily.  Happy Caturday!

March 31, 2020


Hello there Audience!  I'm here with some breaking news from Headquarters...
Having had all this time on my paws during this period of isolation, I've been sequestered in my Secret Research Laboratory.  And I have made an important scientific discovery that will no doubt change history...

News of my "Cloning Breakthrough" hit the press first thing this morn...

That's right folks, I succeeded in cloning Toilet Paper!  Can you believe it, felines?!  No more shortages from now on!  May our Humans rejoice!  

Happy Spring everyone!