February 14, 2018

9 Lives of the Num-Num Fund

Hello there Audience, the news has traveled that the 
Num-Num Fund has had 9 Lives...

The Drepung Loseling monks have gathered to commemorate 
our 9 lives...

We have had lots of fun here over this past 9 years...

We have treasured the friendships and camaraderie of the blogging community.  You all have a special place in our hearts...

We wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!  
May you indulge...

in your special treats of choice... 

And may you feel the #love in whatever form it takes...

Kitty kisses from Clooney & Neytiri!!!

January 21, 2018


Hello there felines, I was officially crowned the Gotcha Day King today...

Neytiri served me salmon and shrimps in bed...

And then Varmit the Marmot had a very special surprise for me...

As it turns out, the hibernating and striking Marmots had been crafting a very special work of art this past year.  They did the big reveal to commemorate my 11th Gotcha Day!  Can you believe it felines?! 

To celebrate we are making some special Moscow Mules Meowls for everyone...

Step right up and Neytiri and I will serve you your special bevvy! Let's PAR-TAY!!!

We are joining the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with our furriends at The Cat On My Head... 


December 26, 2017

Catmas Rascal Fiasco

Twas Catmas Eve and Clooney Claus's deers came a-knockin'
Headquarters was dark
Definitely not rockin'...

Earlier that day, Mini-Cloon had scheduled a fitting
All the hats were lined up
The niptinis hard-hitting!

  Clooney Claus had zoned-out
He had not been about
Delivering nip mice
To felines naughty and nice.

 What a fiasco
He missed Catmas
That rascal!

Not only that
But he had a secret.

Ducky's relatives
Were all arriving in sequence.
Hoping to sample
Neytiri's holiday baking genius.

 On route to Headquarters
They soon would arrive 
Catmas now gone
Boxing Day would suffice.

We hope you all had
A fabulous Catmas!
Season's Greetings & Happy Holidays to all...
And a New Year filled with magic!