March 31, 2020


Hello there Audience!  I'm here with some breaking news from Headquarters...
Having had all this time on my paws during this period of isolation, I've been sequestered in my Secret Research Laboratory.  And I have made an important scientific discovery that will no doubt change history...

News of my "Cloning Breakthrough" hit the press first thing this morn...

That's right folks, I succeeded in cloning Toilet Paper!  Can you believe it, felines?!  No more shortages from now on!  May our Humans rejoice!  

Happy Spring everyone!

March 28, 2020

Sunday Selfies

What up?  Wishing you a dreamy Sunday! 

We are joining the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop
with our furriends at The Cat On My Head.

Caturday Art

"All I can tell you is that once you see the magic in little things, you'll be fine, because magic knows exactly when that happens & it'll never leave you alone after that."

- Brian Andreas

Our Human had gathered some pussy willows on a Spring walk in nature a week ago.  Pussy willows are a favorite thing of hers and remind her of childhood.  They are little signs of magic for her during this time.  We hope you all find your own signs and sources of magic and wonder during uncertainty.  We hold you all in our highest thoughts..may you be safe and healthy.

March 5, 2020


Neytiri began her special day with a card from Timmy Tomcat and Family...Thank you dear furriends!  

Then Ducky told her not to peek while he presented her with a Birthday gift honoring their 10 years as Besties...

The art is based on my Human's favorite picture of Neytiri and Ducky which was the very first picture taken of the two of them together the day they met, 10 years ago.  

Neytiri is over-the-moon about her special gift!  For any Felines interested in a Caticature and being captured in a 
purr-sonal work of art, Ducky says you can enquire at:

We think they are
"Purr-fect 10's" and in celebration of our Birthday girl, who we are so thankful for, we are joining our friends on the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop at Brian's Home 
Thank you Neytiri and Ducky for lighting up our lives these precious past 10 years!