October 30, 2011


Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our Halloween Festivities at Haunted Headquarters!  Enter if you dare...Thanks to our friend Mr. Puddy for making us the above cool Halloween graphic!

Well my fine little ghosts and goblins, in honour of our 1st Year Anniversary of finding the Cat Blogosphere, we are running our special Halloween tips from last year for you:  

5) Bring a Vampire home to meet your family (it's a sure way to spice things up around the household).
4) Take a tour of a local haunted house.
3) Hide around the hallway corner and pounce on your unsuspecting Human.
and Cloon's #1 tip for a Purr-fect Halloween is:
1) When you find a house that is giving out Num-Nums, keep going back there until your "pillow case" is full.

Now we shall start the Parade of the Brujas...That is the name for witch in Spanish.  Neytiri thought it had a nice ring to it...

Actually, our parade features only one Bruja and that is Neytiri modeling her outfit with different poses.  This is her first Halloween dressed up and only her 2nd assignment modeling clothing to date.  

Neytiri says there is lots of Brewhaha about being a Bruja...and has some tips to ensure your success:

1) First of all you need a good hat (check, check).
2) Then you must have a stylish dress (check).
3) Attitude is important.  Brujas must practice their various facial expressions and a frown or a pirate sneer work well...
4) You must have a cat (she is a cat so she has this one covered).
5) Finally, every Bruja must have an excellent broom.  Neytiri's pink duster doubles as her broom and if she flies low around Headquarters she can dust at the same time...

Ok, my precious pretties...Now for a list of our special activities at Haunted Headquarters.  The Cloon is hosting Pumpkin Decorating. 

Bruja Neytiri is supervising the Bobbing for Eyeballs station...Mwahahaha!  (Joe the Donkey galloped over when he heard about this!)

Neytiri is getting a chuckle from "Ducky's" costume!  He is dressed as a Mummy.

"Ducky" will be in charge of the station "Make Your Own Mummy Costume". 

We hope you enjoy our festivities here at Haunted Headquarters.  Also stop by The Ladies of Autumn's Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein and Charlie's Big Halloween Round-Up


October 24, 2011



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn and what do I find?  My "tunnel" is already decorated for Halloween!  Isn't that fantastic felines?  And there waiting for both me and Neytiri are two Halloween costumes...I have a cool necktie and Neytiri has a witch outfit!  Now theese one is a good one!  I thinks that Secretary Neytiri will make a very cute witch...What do you think?


Neytiri spotted the spiders on the Halloween web and went to give them a sniff...

Then she decided to give them the bitey, but  they don't seem to be as good as "real" spiders...Is anyone else getting ready for Halloween?  Or any ghost or goblin sightings yet?  What about scary-looking birdies?  Let me know, will ya?

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".

October 20, 2011

Walk Your 'Tocks

Having a celebrity 'tocks, I has to be a bit careful...
The Paw-Purr-Azzi may publish my photos in The National Feline Enquirer...
But every once in a while, a guy has to let his guard down...

You has to be able to "shake it"...

And above all...
You must "Walk Your 'Tocks"!

Happy 'Tock-Tober!  And Happy Birthday to the 'tocks guy Derby!

October 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Lady Autumn

Neytiri's First Autumn (taken Fall 2010)

October 17, 2011



Well hello there Audience.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn...and what do I find?  There waiting for me are Kooky Kat Valerian Root Knots!  Can you believe it felines!  I was excited about theese one!  This is the first time I tried Valerian Root and I quite liked it!  First I gave the toys a sniff through the package and then...

Neytiri and I observed the Valerian knots from a distance...

Then I couldn't resist them any longer!  I went over and gave the knot some good lickins!  Now I thinks I'm ready for a good little nap...

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel". 

October 14, 2011


A Tribute by Cloon's Human

Inka was my 2nd cat.  I found her through an ad posted in a 7-Eleven.  She was a stray kitten.  The night I met her and held her in my arms, I fell instantly in love with her sweet, gentle, loving nature.  I will always remember that moment and that memory, it stands out so clearly and joins only a few others as one of my most cherished moments in time.  Inka was my kindred spirit, my soul kitty or heart kitty, and my little girl.  

I was very unprepared for her loss as I had never envisioned her passing at the young age of 10 and I never saw the next 10 years of my future without her. 

Inka slept beside me every night for 10 years and loved the sound of my voice.  Whenever I would talk aloud, she would come out from wherever she was and come right beside me, listen intently, purr and look at me with her soulful eyes.  She was a Zen kitty, she loved peace and quiet and Zen.  

She loved watching birdies, having the sun on her fur and lying in the breeze of an open window.  She LOVED tuna.

Inka and Clooney were the best of friends.  She loved to groom him.  They slept together and played together many times every day.  In the three weeks before Inka passed away, Clooney could be found lying right beside her wherever she was hiding.  I witnessed him crawling into the small blue "Prince" bed (that Neytiri now sleeps in) and squeezing himself right up alongside Inka even though there wasn't room for him.  When Inka passed on, a piece of Clooney's heart went with her...I know that he has had as much of a grief experience as I have had.   

Back in January of this year, Ann from Zoolatry had created these special pictures of "Angel Inka".  They mean a lot to me.  

Inka was an expert insect catcher.  She loved bugs especially moths.  The only insect she left alone and just observed was the Ladybug.  After Inka passed away, I witnessed Ladybugs in unusual places and circumstances.  I thought if something was to be Inka's messenger, a Ladybug would indeed be fitting as both Inka and I have had a special fondness for them... 

 Today is a hard day for me...even 2 years later.  As cancer had overtaken her, I said goodbye to my beloved Inka at 10:56 AM on October 14, 2009.

4 months after Inka passed, I travelled through Australia and wrote these words above in the sand at Coffs Harbour.  Australia was a very special trip for me as I had done lots of personal reflection.  On a special day when I was in Australia (March 5, 2010) close to Inka's original birth date, Neytiri was born...

"Your eyes will speak to mine, and I will know.

Unconditional love has a condition after all,
I must be willing to let you go, when you speak to me
I must be willing to help you go, if you cannot go alone.
And I must accept my pain so you can be free of yours.

Loving you has been the greatest gift of all."

(Excerpt from Karla M. Bertram)

October 10, 2011



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn...and what do I find?  There waiting for me is Smurfs, Smurfs, and more Smurfs!  Can you believe it felines?  I has my very own "Smurfville" folks!  Isn't that exciting!  Does anyone out there still have a Smurf collection?  Or has a "flash mob of Smurfs" ever shown up at your house?  Uh, does anyone know what Smurfs like to eat?  I wonder if they like Num-Nums... 

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel". 

October 3, 2011



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn and what do I find?  There waiting for me is a Big Book on Birds!   Can you believe it felines?  I was very excited about theese one!  And it's not just any Big Book on Birds...it is the Reader's Digest Birds of Canada book!  Now theese one is a good one!  Now Neytiri and I can study 600 Species of birdies and finds out all about them.  Neytiri went straight to the page on Magpies as theese ones are my favorite bird.  They makes lots of noise and have very nice colors so I find them interesting to watch.  Do any other felines out there have any good books on birdies in their personal libraries?  And what is your favorite bird to watch?

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".