December 31, 2013



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn...and what do I find?  There waiting for me was a Betty Crocker cake mix!  Can you believe it felines?

Neytiri promptly arrived on the scene and insisted that the Betty Crocker cake mix and measuring cup was for her, since she is the baker in the house!  

Now since it is New Year's Eve, this was the purrfect gift from the tunnel to it gives her an opportunity to once again put her Martha Stewart baking lessons to the test.  But she looks a bit puzzled...she thinks that a very important ingredient is missing from here...She decides to test the knowledge of her baking Assistant and Mancat Archie who took the red-eye in from Tarrana to spend New Year's Eve with his sweetie! 

Now theese is not Archie's first rodeo baking lesson...he learned how to make red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's one year.  Archie gets up from his comfy viewing spot and studies the scene intently...
...and he identifies the missing ingredient!

...Catnip!  Neytiri is very proud of her student/protege/Mancat and happy that the missing ingredient has now materialized!

Neytiri requests the easy bake oven to bake the catnip cake and asks me to preheat it...
At the stroke of midnight, to celebrate the New Year, catnip cake will be served to all the Audience!  

We have so appreciated your friendship in 2013 and want to thank you all for tuning in to our adventures, leaving us sweet comments and supporting us with purrs.  You all are very special to us!  


~In this new year, what do you hope to leave behind and what do you hope to find?  Here's to the possibilities.  #welcometomidnight~

December 25, 2013

Boxing Day Parade

Well hello there Audience!  How many of you have "turkey tummy"?  Let's have a show of paws, shall we?  A few I see.  I, myself, partook of a bit of ham...oh how I likes me ham!  But I digress, welcome to our Boxing Day Parade!  

As you can see, Neytiri and I are getting ready... box!  Oh wait, that's the wrong kind of "boxing" for today!  

Let the parade begin...

When Neytiri was a wee young lass, she first discovered boxes with great enthusiasm...

As time went on, she found many-an-interesting thing in theese boxes...

Being an avid Dust Bunny Buster, she even hung out in a box advertising her services ...

I, on the other paw, used the box as a prop to show off my Samba moves...

And "Ducky"...well the little guy has a fondness for mini-mugs of ale, so he sat curbside trying to attract some attention in his box!  He decided to get a head-start on collecting his beverages for our next St. Paddy's Day party... 

Happy Boxing Day or Box Day felines!

December 23, 2013

Catmas Eve With Clooney Claus

Excuse me, excuse me...coming through...

It's Catmas Eve and we are down to the wire here at Headquarters!
I'z doing a final check on the goods I will be delivering to felines both naughty and nice.

Ducky's made a list.

Neytiri's checked it twice.

We already know who needs

nip and mice.

Clooney Claus is coming to your town...

today...(maybe...depends on the deers)

*Jazz Paws*

Neytiri has done a final inspection on the Elves and I have "suited-up"... 
I am patiently waiting...

And waiting some more...
Surely my deers will be arriving at any moment to help me out...

Wait a that hooves we hear?

Remember my deers from last year that helped me out?
Well I have had no sign of them this year...
I bets they are hanging out at Nellie's blinged-up Reindeer Stable!
Oh oh.  This means one thing...
Ol' Clooney Claus will be hoofin' it on his own this year and pushing his shopping cart!

Neytiri is testing out the wheels on the shopping cart and it's a good thing she had winter wheels put on with all theese icy road conditions...

Be watching for Clooney Claus and his shopping cart in a neighbourhood near you!  And for Cod's sake has some Hot Nip Toddies waiting for me, will ya?

Meowy Catmas 
Merry Christmas to all our wonderful friends!
Clooney Claus, Neytiri, Ducky & the Elves 

December 22, 2013

Mancat Monday: He's Got The Cutes!

Hello there Audience!  I bet you all have been wondering who has the "Cute Factor" and who was crowned winner of our "1st Annual Cute-Off"

We tallied up the votes and Neytiri and I (Cloon) were tied for 1st Place! 

Our friends over at Tomcat Commentary by Tim gave Neytiri and me the above award because we are cute!  We thank Timmy and my twin Buddy Budd and their whole kitty crew for this awesome award!  (For all the details of the award you can check out their post.)  We are going to pass this award on to Silver Meow.  Silver is a very pretty gray tabby kitty who is very photogenic and started blogging this year.  (I'm sure she would enjoy meeting you if you don't already know her.) 

(Entitlement...I has it!)

Now, the 1st Runner-Up of the "Cute-Off" was me, The Cloon.  I officially got the second highest amount of votes for the "Cute Factor" after both Neytiri and me.  Seriously.  I'm not surprised by theese one!  (Refer to above photo.)

Na na na na na
He's got the cutes...

In fact, my friend Basil the Bionic Cat rewarded me for my cutes and presented me with the above award.  Thank you so much Basil for this awesome award!  I am going to pass on this award to Manx Mnews as the kitties over there are all really lovely (even the Mancats!) and so are their pictures and posts. 

And I was also given this above award, once again for my cutes, by the one and only Nellie!  Thanks so much lovely Nellie for this awesome award!  (Please refer to Nellie's blog for all the rules.)  I am going to pass this award on to Da Tabbies O Trout Towne  Theese kitties rock and how they think up the funny stuff they do, always amazes us!  Go on over and pee your pantaloons! 

Thanks again to the swell Timmy Tomcat, Basil and you kitties!  

(And by the way, if anykitty we passed on an award to does not purrticipate in awards, don't worry...that's cool with us!)

And I go la la la la la
He's got the cutes...

December 16, 2013



Well hello there Audience.  Welcome to our last and final week of Holiday Gifties and this week is a special edition where we shall give you felines a great idea for the hard-to-shop for Human on your list.  Oh theese one is a good one!
It is..."Rent-An-Elf"!

Now felines, you can rent one Elf or you can rent all four Elves to help out your Human depending on how busy they are and how much assistance they need for Christmas and the holidays.  Theese Elves are available by the hour, day or week.  Neytiri is checking out the Elves and has asked them to assist her in dusting Headquarters and to help her finish her Christmas baking.  I, The Cloon, have asked the Elves to go out shopping for Num-Nums for me!  Just think felines...theese Elves can assist your Human in buying Christmas pressies for you!  They can go out to PetSmart and get treats, catnip, stinky goodness and other goodies to fill up your Christmas stockings! 

We give the "Rent-An-Elf" an 8 out of 8 paw rating! This pressie is guaranteed to get the job done in time for Christmas! (And if you sprinkle the Elves with a bit of nip, they are also really good to put the bitey on!)

Join us next TUESDAY felines on Christmas Eve when ol' Clooney Claus sets out on his deliveries to all felines naughty and nice. 

December 10, 2013


Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our "1st Annual Cute-Off" where Neytiri and I will go tummy to tummy, toes to toes and tails to tails to determine who has the "Cute Factor".  There will also be some surprise categories to spice things up.  Let's get started, shall we?

The Cloon is up first giving it his best tummy shot, paw in the air, curly toes and a background which complements his grey furs...Note the eye contact as well.

And here goes Neytiri showing her floofilicious tummy, rabbit feet and curled footie...note the kissy eyes on this girl.

Oh and Clooney goes in for a close-up of the curly toes...Can the guy put a curl-on or what?  Note the white patch of tummy hairs. 

And here is Neytiri pulling out all the stops...showing her pink nosey and pink toesies with carrot as an accent.

Now look at theese one from even closer-up of his velveteen paw with a slight curl of the tail in the background for an artistic touch.

And here goes Neytiri...her back footie hanging over the cat bed displaying her toe hawks and her fabulous fluffy tail full-on. 

Here is Cloon's "Freestyle Round" where he shows us all how it's done, creating quite a spectacle of himself.

And Neytiri goes in for her "Freestyle Round" us a twister of tummy floofiness and sweet rabbit feets. 

And now for the "McDreamy" category...Clooney puts on his hypnotic look and dreamy kissy eyes.

And Neytiri really is dreamy in this category looking like the most delectable cinnamon bun ever. 

And now for the "Mystery Round"...Clooney gives an air of intrigue...who is this mystery man?

And mystery certainly suits Neytiri as well.

In "Best Use of the Donut Hole" Cloon stuffs himself in but good, letting his footies hang on out.

And here is the young Neytiri inside the donut exhibiting her masterpiece tail.

For "Best Use of a Household Item'' Clooney takes over the kitchen fruit bowl and doesn't he look classy? 

Neytiri decides on a wicker basket, letting the crystal salt lamp highlight her beauty. 

Now for the "Skill Round"...It's "Psychoanalysis"



(Whew!  That's a tough call!)

And "Skill Round 2"..."Staring"



(Man are theese kitties talented or what?)

And now for the last and final round we have a "Bonus Cute" where Cloon pulls out all the stops and goes for it.

And Miss Neytiri pulls theese one out of her "bag" of cute tricks.

So Audience, let us know in the comments who has the "Cute Factor"...will it be Clooney or Neytiri?  We realize it is a close competition but who will pull ahead ever so slightly to be crowned winner of our "1st Annual Cute-Off"?

Voting is now open...