February 29, 2012

On The Red Carpet

Clooney: (Tap, tap and then in a Bridget Jones voice...)
The, uh.., mike's not...work--working.

Neytiri: Let's turn it on, shall we?

Clooney: I'd like to thank the Academy for my Oscar The Furries of Whisppy for presenting me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  I do believes that I am "versatile" as I have my paws in many pies, so to speak...But enough about me...The Furries of Whisppy have a wonderful blog with a very special Mommy who helps stray and feral kitties.  The Furries are all very photogenic and the action shots taken of them are amazing!  You must go on over to visit them!

As Neytiri was being photographed by the Paw-Purr-Azzi on the Red Carpet, she was Tagged!  Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Austin Powers  Austin the Welsh Tuxedo Mancat  fleeing the scene.  Now Austin has awards coming out of his ears...let's just call him "The Artist", shall we?  But deservedly so folks because he and his Human Caro are uber-clever.  You must go on over to CATachresis to be entertained and impressed!  Now we will answer the questions that we have been tagged with:

1) Describe yourself in 7 words:
Clooney: easy on the eyes, intelligent, a character 
Neytiri: fluffy, tomboy, persistent, sweet, humble, enchanting, independent
2) What keeps you up at night?
Clooney: boredom
Neytiri: Clooney
3) Who would you like to be?
Clooney: A Zoo Official
Neytiri: An Entomologist
4) What are you wearing now?
Clooney: If you purchase a Clooneymobile, I'll tell ya...
Neytiri: Rabbit fur
5) What scares you?
Clooney: Going to the V-E-T and the vacuum cleaner
Neytiri: Only that heart balloon from Valentine's
6) The best and worst of blogging?
Both: A chance to have fun and be silly and making great blogging friends is the best.  The worst is being behind in visiting blogs.
7) Last website you've visited:
Both: CATachresis to get the tag questions!
8) One thing you'd change about yourself:
Clooney: I'd like bigger biceps...
Neytiri: I'd like to live somewhere tropical where there are more insects.
9) Slankets or no?
Clooney: Only if they make them in Argyle...
Neytiri: Definitely not!  Although I'd like to see "Ducky" in a slanket! (Do they make them for ducks?)
10) Tell us something about the cat that tagged you:
Austin only speaks Welsh but writes haikus in English...is the guy talented or what?

Oh and we're back...Ok Audience, it's a double whammy, we tag The Purr Diaries and give them The Versatile Blogger Award too!  If you haven't been over there, you must visit their blog!  Sarah is a very talented artist and has two very irresistible Mancats: Bosco and Oliver. 

And now returning to our regular OTRC programming...  Here are our Awards/Picks from the 84th Annual Academy Awards:

1) Neytiri's Warm Fuzzies Award goes to Meryl Streep and her classy acceptance speech (we likes our Meryl here at Headquarters).

2) Cloon's "You're Busting My Chops" Award goes to Angie's Right Leg...

3) "Ducky's" Best Oscar Moment goes to the "Martin Scorsese Drinking Game"...(well what do you expect Audience, I mean the little guy tweets for beer...)

And that's all folks!  Thanks for joining us OTRC!

February 27, 2012


 Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn...and what do I find?  My tunnel is still on strike...even after having its own Mardi Gras party last week!  Can you believe it felines?  So I brought my tunnel a "lucky bamboo" and I'z hoping that a little bit of "luck" will rub off on my tunnel and get it back running again...

Here is Secretary Neytiri inspecting the bamboo plant and making sure it is up to snuff with its luckiness!  Does anyone out there have any good luck charms that have worked for them in the past? 

Join me next TUESDAY felines to see if my magic tunnel is off strike and up and running again.

February 21, 2012

White Whisker Wordless Wednesday



Well hello there felines!  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the very late hours of the morn...and what do I find?  My tunnel is still on strike!  Can you believe it felines?  Theese tunnel of mine has been very resistant to my therapy program that's for sure!  So I pulled out all the stops today...and am throwing my tunnel its very own Mardi Gras Party!  Isn't that fantastic felines!  Now surely that will go a long ways toward cheering my tunnel up...First up is a Mystery Guest to officially get theese party started...Any guesses on the mystery feline in the above photo?

It's none other than our very own...Lady Neytiri! She is the official Queen of the Mardi Gras and is in charge of the ever-so-important Beads

And here I am...practicing my technique to ensure I am thrown many strands of beads!  In order to ensure your success felines, you must shout out "Throw me something Mister!"

Then if all goes according to plan...voila!  Les beads! (PS: "Flashing" may also increase your success...uh...or so I'z told...) 

Now everyone must head on over to Official Mardi Gras Headquarters... and "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

February 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tunnel Tuesday Blogoversary Valentine's Extravaganza


Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn...and it is still on strike!  Can you believe it felines?  So I brings my tunnel a little surprise to cheer it up...and I asks it to be my Valentine!  

Here I am chewing on the string ribbon of my surprise and then
swatting at it...And then guess what?  I lost my tunnel's surprise...

So I was faced with just giving my tunnel a Valentine's note...

But I'z hoping that this handwritten note will charm my tunnel and cheer it up so it gets working again.  Join me next TUESDAY felines to check in and see what happens.

Now continuing on with other news, it is our 3rd Blogoversary today Audience!  And it also happens to fall on Valentine's Day so we are having a Valentine's Extravaganza!  Today Secretary Neytiri is taking us behind the scenes of the party preparation...

Neytiri: Hello there Audience!  Today I am giving you an insider's look into the baking lessons my Mancat Archie took part in for Valentine's Day.  Archie took the red-eye in from Tarana so he was a bit jet-lagged until "Ducky" made him an espresso... then he was the purr-fect student!  Archie is fearless and likes to hang out in high places so he got a bird's eye view of the baking process and lesson!

Archie: Wow, those Red Velvet Cupcakes we made for our Moms are a work of art!  I can't stop admiring them...

Neytiri: Congratulations, you are a natural at baking Archie! What was your favorite part of the baking lesson?

Archie:  I loved "kneading" the cream cheese frosting!

Neytiri: Don't worry Audience...I made sure Archie's toesies were clean...We run a tight ship here! 

Neytiri: Do you have any tips you'd like to share with the Audience for making the purr-fect Red Velvet Cupcake?

Archie: Why yes, in fact I do...Make sure your easy-bake oven is pre-heated to 350 degrees and that you have toothpicks on hand, or should I say paw, to test if the baked goods are ready.

Neytiri: Those are excellent tips Archie!  Thanks so much for spending the day eating frosting baking with me!  It was so much fun!  Your next lesson will be "dusting"...

And here is "Ducky" posing with the finished product...

Archie gave me a Valentine to celebrate our 1st Valentine's together!  I think he did a superb job on it, it is very pretty and romantic!

I, too, made a Valentine for my Ginger Snap...

And Clooney has a special request for his Valentines this year...

He is asking the wonderful Marg and all of the very special Marg's Pets, with a special shout-out to Joe the Donkey to be his Valentines!  We wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! 

*Mancats, remember to save your special Ladycats the last lick of Num-Nums today!*

February 6, 2012


Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn...and my tunnel is still on strike!  So I am continuing on with my therapy program for cheering up my tunnel.  I built my tunnel a Snowman!  Isn't that exciting felines!  I put some of that snow we got to good use. Now it was lots of fun to build a snowman for sure!  You can see that I am admiring my handiwork in the above photo.  If anyone out there needs any "snowman" pointers, just let me know.  I really hope that this does cheer my tunnel up!

Join me next TUESDAY felines as I continue my therapy program for cheering up my tunnel and getting it off strike and working again.

February 2, 2012

Now In...Groundhog Day Report from Stan The World's Smallest Sheep

Cloon: Audience, joining me in-studio today is Stan, The World's Smallest Sheep.  For those who aren't familiar with Stan, the little guy's native language is Spanish, but he does speak some English as well...Well hello there Stan!

Stan: Hola Muchacho!

Cloon: Thanks for joining us today to report on yesterday's Groundhog Day predictions.  I understand that you were in attendance at some Groundhog Day festivities. Can you share with the Audience what happened?

Stan: Claro que si. I attended the pancake breakfast yesterday in Alberta and awaited the weather prediction of Balzac Billy a local groundhog.  So Balzac Billy, also known as the Prairie Prognosticator, emerged from his burrow and saw his shadow, meaning there will be 6 more weeks of winter.

Cloon: Now theese little guy is supposed to have an accuracy rate of 83.9%!  Which is very impressive! However, us Westerners aren't crazy about the thought of more winter...Stan, how did the other famous Groundhogs weigh in on theese subject?

Stan: Well, Ontario’s Wiarton Willie, Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam,West Virginia’s French Creek Freddie, Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee, Michigan’s Woody the Woodchuck, Ohio’s Buckeye Chuck and New York’s Staten Island Charles G. Hogg all did not see their shadows, so they each predict an early spring.  However, Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow and predicts more winter. 

Cloon: Yikes there must be pressure on Punxsutawney Phil given his prediction is different!  And the little guy usually has quite the crowd in attendance to boot.  I hopes that ice cream and dog food they feed him isn't messing up his predictions...

Stan: Es posible!

Cloon: Uh Stan, in the footage from yesterday, I notice you are fighting over a leaf with 3 other characters... Didn't they feed you any free pancakes for covering theese reports?
Stan: I only eat leaves.

Cloon: Right... washed down with a little cerveza...huh, little buddy.

Stan: Eso es correcto.

Cloon: Did you ever see the movie "Groundhog Day", Stan? Theese one is really funny...

Cloon: Did you ever see the movie "Groundhog Day", Stan? Theese one is really funny...

Stan: (Puzzled look on his face...)

Cloon: I'm just messin' with you little buddy!  It's an inside joke.  Well, Secretary Neytiri has prepared you a full plate of fresh foliage for being our studio guest and giving us the Groundhog Day report...Muchas gracias Stan, it is always fun to have you here!

Stan: Adios Amigos!

Cloon: Does anyone in the Audience live near a famous Groundhog?  Let us know, will ya?