July 13, 2017

Once Upon A Time

Hello Audience, it's Cloon's Human here...In addition to Clooney being my muse, he also purr-formed a very important role in the past year and a half when we were MIA on our blog.  Sit back, relax, have some popcorn and enjoy the poem below which tells the tail tale of what he and I were up to:

Once Upon A Time
in walked a client of mine.
A distinguished grey gent
mandatorily sent
to acquire some therapy.
It started out slow
he did say he would give it a go.
A fellow of few words
anxious around birds
awake and also in sleep.
In the spirit of Jung
did come
the exploration of dreams
of avian and movie star themes.

My client believed
he was famous indeed
an “A-lister” celebrity.
His freedom was hindered
he said he was hiding
from the public and paparazzi.
Adler’s assessment did show
as far as early recollections do go
abandonment memories.
But where we come from
is not as important
as where we are striving to be.
Understanding his subjective reality
was more than mere formality
for me.

I “spit in his soup”
throwing him for a loop
all in the name of
I decided then
to abandon
and focus
on listening instead.
He then shared his story
with much greater glory
empathy really did
go a long way.

He managed to state
he couldn’t wait
for the birds to fly south
for the winter.

I fleshed out a flash
and thought perhaps
we could experiment
with an encounter.
In the safety of the session
I got him to listen
to an idea of an imagined meeting
of him and a bird
noisily tweeting.
My client did say
he couldn’t keep his thoughts at bay
so the experiment did end. 
I then had an idea
of mindfulness being the way.
I suggested to him
what he could do
to deal with the stress of birds.
With acceptance and commitment
he did his homework
of distancing himself
from his thoughts.
He paid attention to breathing
and in time
behind self-defeating beliefs.

He carried out an assignment
of being in the limelight
and facing fans and paparazzi.
Well mindful practice makes perfect
the distortions
they really did go.
My client was stoked
no longer provoked
by cameras, chirping and caws.
He re-wrote his story
was no longer elusory
realizing birds and fans had their place.
A postmodern approach
really did give him hope
his narrative drastically

I then put pen to paper
and wrote him a letter
focusing on his strengths.
It really did show
how far he did go
in benefiting from therapy.
With that being said
he decided to end
his sessions and
called it a day.
Oh, did I fail to say
that I practiced my way
through Corey’s Psychotherapy book?
And the distinguished grey gent
my patient client
was my very own
the “A-lister”
George Clooney!

 Now, I'll hand over the blog to my special Mancat who is blowing a raspberry in response to all the time he put into volunteering as my client as I purr-sued education in the counselling field...

Cloon here...hey folks, guess what?  It's my 11th Birthday today!  Neytiri started the day out with some special early morning kisses for me...

And then, I couldn't believe my ears...Someone was serenading me in the distance...

One of Clooney Claus's deers had shown up at Headquarters to wish me a Happy Birthday!  As it turns out, he was camped  under our rose bush eating all our roses outside Headquarters since the wee hours of the morn waiting for me to wake up so he could deliver a singing telegram...
Unfortunately Mini-Cloon's videographer skills are not quite up-to-snuff and we were unable to capture the special moment...

Anyhoo, a special thank you to everyone in our blogging community for your friendship throughout our years of blogging and for coming by with your sweet comments over this past few years when we have been posting less and were visiting less frequently...we appreciate you all!  

July 2, 2017

Canada Day Selfies

It was the 150th Anniversary of Canada yesterday and here is Neytiri with her flag...

Ducky came ridin' through with his flag as well...

Neytiri got into the Canada Day spirit...

And so did I (not!)...

We are joining the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with our furriends at The Cat On My Head...