May 4, 2013


Psst...Hey amigos...yeah you!  Need a little more spice in your life or at least in your week?  Well sit back...

Grab some popcorn...and watch our "Cinco De Mayo Cinema"...

Theese one is titled "Cinco De Mayo Rerun":

When I came upon the "scene", the Cinco De Mayo party had already begun...Cloon was fitted with his Mexican sombrero...looking a bit sombre, I might add...

 But then all of a sudden, his ears perked up as a big commotion caught his attention.   It was the arrival of his Guest of Honor, who always likes to make a grand entrance...

  "The Baby" (orange doy tog pictured above) fresh in from MORE plastic surgery in Cabo just back from studying Mexican culture and customs, snitched Cloon's sombrero, donned it and posed for a photo op.

  Then the Secretary quickly put down her duster and joined the action...thoroughly sniffing the "limon".  Plus someone had to keep an eye on that "Ducky"...

 Hmm, then she moved onto the cerveza...Can't blame a girl, was a tough week in Dust Bunny Ville.  A little bit of a late bloomer, Cloon finally spotted the string limon and appeared quite "fixated"...

 Realizing that she had been left out of the equation, Neytiri demanded her own set of maracas.  Pink ones no less.

 She then realized this was her big chance to seize the moment and the spotlight and spice things up...

She took the party up a notch when she started to shake them...

  Out of the blue, in an unprecedented move, Cloon (possibly under the influence of cerveza) goes for "Ducky" him a whap!  

Then things REALLY get shameless start to "heat up"...
"The Baby" topples over! (Apparently "two big feets to the wind")  And Cloon shows the Audience his backside...
as he starts to Samba and "shake his tailfeather"...

THE END (of the flick but the beginning of the PAR-TAY!)

**Now Audience, theese is where you all come in...let us know in the comments if you are:

A) Shakin' your tailfeather
B) Rockin' your pantaloons
C) Bustin' your skinny jeans
D) Attempting the chicken dance

There will be a surprise for one lucky dancer...hint:**

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!


  1. We will be attempting the chick-hen dance, but would rather be eating them! MOL! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  2. Wow, that is some party! All I got is my pantaloons, so it would have to be B!

  3. Wow is right!

    Nicki will try to bust his skinny jeans, but Derry...Well, we're not sure about Derry. He's a chicken (personality-wise), so we guess he'd be attempting the chicken dance too!

  4. Will do the chickie dance. =)

  5. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    The Paw Relations

  6. Hola amigos! Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Zoey says she's rockin' her pantaloons but me and Wally are chicken dancing since we like chick-hen!


  7. Happy Cinco de Mayo Day pal. Woohoo - you are celebrating big time.

  8. we go with D! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  9. WE think we are shaking our tailfeathers. Because, hey, we love feathers! :)

    Happy Cinco de Mayo, Cloon, Neytiri and the Mom!

  10. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope you are having a fun filled day!!!! You sure know how to party hardy!!!!

  11. Hey, I'm chicken dancing! Y'all are looking fiesta fine! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

  12. We're Rockin' our pantaloons!! We've been partying all day!!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo.

    The Florida Furkids

  13. Hee hee The Baby looks fabulous after plastic surgery, eh studying hard :-) I love that sombrero! We are rockin' our pantaloons! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

  14. Hehe!! I am shakin' my tailfeathers ;)

    Love that orange chappy. He been Tangoed!!

  15. Happy Cinco de Mayo! We're enjoying our first party as ladycats!

    Truffle and Brulee

  16. Cloony!
    Me is twitching my tail!
    Cinco De Mayo is PAWTY TIME! Wes Has tuna tacos, hold the taco.
    But me HAS BC BUD so mes is not in the running for this contest!

  17. If you know me, you'l know that it's ALL OF THE ABOVE! MOL! *shaka shaka shiimmy*

  18. Oopsies! Once again we are behind on the pawties thanks to our lazy no good secretary!
    We love your maracas!
    We would dance and shake our tailfeathers and rock our pantaloons and jitterbug the night away and stuff...Lots of dancing stuff!! We don't need anymore nip juice though 'cause our secretary only rations it out once in a while.Good lucks to efurryone!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  19. Like I said in my other comment , it's ALL my humans fault that I missed your Pawsome PARTY !


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