May 6, 2013



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn...and what do I find?  There waiting for me were a number of little papers...At first I was a bit puzzled by theese one! 

So I got down close to take a better peek at theese papers...Then I realized that my tunnel had done something very clever, felines!  My tunnel had prepared the special drawing for the prize giveaway of the B.C. Buddy Herbal Blendz MX from our Cinco De Mayo Dance-A-Thon!  It had created 13 identical size papers with the names of the felines who had commented with the style of dancing they were going to perform at the PAR-TAY. Now in case some felines out there thought theese one was a test with one correct answer, it wasn't!  We just were curious about the style of dance felines would perform if given some options.  And we must say that the "chicken dance" cleaned house on theese one!

Anyhoo, being that I was doing the Samba and shakin' my tailfeather at the PAR-TAY, I got to be in charge of the official drawing of the winner...I thoroughly sniffed most of the 13 papers but I only put the bitey on ONE of theese ones...which was then declared the official winner!

Our lucky dancer is Meowmeowmans the Dad of Moosey and Angel Sammy from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life!  Moosey was shakin' his tailfeather at our PAR-TAY!  We do hope Moosey will enjoy the Herbal Blendz MX!

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my tunnel.


  1. ConCATulations to Meowmeowman!
    That I manege to miss your Party is of course my humans fault !!

  2. Concats to them! That tunnel of yours has many special talents!

  3. Hee hee, how fun! Congratulations to the winner!!

  4. Concats to Meowmeowman! Moosey will love that, we're sure!

    Say, could you pick the winning lottery numbers? Our human tried to get us to do that, but we weren't particularly successful.

  5. Oh that's a fun drawing! Big congratulations to Meowmeowmans! I'm sure Moosey will love the Herbal blendz MX!!

  6. dood...we iz knot a loud ta play on line on de week oh end N we missed dancin with de stars clooney style; hope ewe getted it on film N we can watch da dee vee & dee !!! sounds like a grate par tay N conga ratz two meowmeowmans on winning de goods N cash prizes.....rock on moosey !!

  7. Oh...sorry I missed your party, but congrats to the winner...enjoy!! Maybe Mum will do better the next time!
    Purrs, Kitty

  8. Woooo hoooo for Meowmeowmans!!!! Do we get to see them DANCE???!!!! concatulations!!!

  9. Concats to Meowmeowmans! I'm always happy when he wins cos I know Moosey will share with the shelter cats.

  10. Clooney! Me KNOWS Moosie is going to enjoy the "Special Blend" Me enjoys it every chance me can gets!

  11. Big ConCatulations to Meowmeowmans :) I love your tunnel xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Hi Cloon and Neytiri! It's me, Moosey!

    We won? Really?! Woohoo! I LOVE catnip, so I'm super excited to try the Herbal Blendz MX! I will be sure to make Mom and Dad take some of it to PAWS, too, 'cause I'm sure some of the kitties there will enjoy it, too.

    Thank you for having such a fun Cinco de Mayo Dance-a-Thon, and for putting the bitey on our piece of paper. Oh, and of course, for being such good friends! :)

    Hugs and Headbonks,

    Moosey (and Angel Sammy and Dad and Mom, too)

  13. Wow what a fun time the party was and now Moosey wins! Great!

    Yay Moosey Yay Clooney!

    Yay Clooney Yay Moosey!*

    *repeat until you are out of Meow!


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