December 10, 2013


Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our "1st Annual Cute-Off" where Neytiri and I will go tummy to tummy, toes to toes and tails to tails to determine who has the "Cute Factor".  There will also be some surprise categories to spice things up.  Let's get started, shall we?

The Cloon is up first giving it his best tummy shot, paw in the air, curly toes and a background which complements his grey furs...Note the eye contact as well.

And here goes Neytiri showing her floofilicious tummy, rabbit feet and curled footie...note the kissy eyes on this girl.

Oh and Clooney goes in for a close-up of the curly toes...Can the guy put a curl-on or what?  Note the white patch of tummy hairs. 

And here is Neytiri pulling out all the stops...showing her pink nosey and pink toesies with carrot as an accent.

Now look at theese one from even closer-up of his velveteen paw with a slight curl of the tail in the background for an artistic touch.

And here goes Neytiri...her back footie hanging over the cat bed displaying her toe hawks and her fabulous fluffy tail full-on. 

Here is Cloon's "Freestyle Round" where he shows us all how it's done, creating quite a spectacle of himself.

And Neytiri goes in for her "Freestyle Round" us a twister of tummy floofiness and sweet rabbit feets. 

And now for the "McDreamy" category...Clooney puts on his hypnotic look and dreamy kissy eyes.

And Neytiri really is dreamy in this category looking like the most delectable cinnamon bun ever. 

And now for the "Mystery Round"...Clooney gives an air of intrigue...who is this mystery man?

And mystery certainly suits Neytiri as well.

In "Best Use of the Donut Hole" Cloon stuffs himself in but good, letting his footies hang on out.

And here is the young Neytiri inside the donut exhibiting her masterpiece tail.

For "Best Use of a Household Item'' Clooney takes over the kitchen fruit bowl and doesn't he look classy? 

Neytiri decides on a wicker basket, letting the crystal salt lamp highlight her beauty. 

Now for the "Skill Round"...It's "Psychoanalysis"



(Whew!  That's a tough call!)

And "Skill Round 2"..."Staring"



(Man are theese kitties talented or what?)

And now for the last and final round we have a "Bonus Cute" where Cloon pulls out all the stops and goes for it.

And Miss Neytiri pulls theese one out of her "bag" of cute tricks.

So Audience, let us know in the comments who has the "Cute Factor"...will it be Clooney or Neytiri?  We realize it is a close competition but who will pull ahead ever so slightly to be crowned winner of our "1st Annual Cute-Off"?

Voting is now open...


  1. We award Cloon the "Cute" and Neytiri the "Glam"!

    Our Mommy is passed out from the sweetness of it all!

    We'd just have to call it a tie, they're is just too much cuteness going on!

  3. Aw, c'mon, it's impossible to decide! You both have such awesome skillz!

  4. With such mad skills, how are we supposed to decide between the two of you? You're both breathtakingly cute!

  5. We looked and looked then we held a meeting and agreed to vote on....

    A DRAW!

    We LOVE all the poses!

    PS/ We see your beautiful salt lamp now!

  6. It's definitely a TIE!! We love you both!!

  7. OMC, another human has fainted from cute-overload.

    NO WAY can anyone choose--we say it's a tie!

  8. How can it can't expect any of us to choose...they are both the winner!!! Mum is still awe-struck and speechless!!!

  9. Oh my goodness. You made me squeeeee all the way!! Total cuteness! I love Mr. Clooney's white patch on his tummy. How cute! Neytiri's tail coming from the donut is magnificent! And the yogalates pose is too funny :-)
    I have no way to choose only one winner. They are both too cute!

  10. My goodness this was the day we wanted to let you know about your award on Friday! Amazing post of you two
    I brought the furs together and even with 7 of us we could not pick a winner as Einstein the kitten kept jumping sides. Its a TIE!
    See you Friday
    Timmy Tomcat

  11. oh I'm always a sucker for a twister belly shot.. but darn it if I can't declare a winner!!

  12. wee bee votin for clootiri

    and neyney

    with de furst ney comin frum neytiri N de next ney commin frum clooney

    we will vote after we haz ree covered frum swoonin !!!

    GRATE pick sure guys !!!

  13. OH, this is impossible! How could we possibly choose ... you are both so darned cute! :)

  14. The "Psychoanalysis" had me cracking are BOTH so cute that it is a tie!! If you were doing glamorous though, I am afraid it would be Neytriri and for handsome it would be YOU!

  15. How the heck am I suppose to sleep tonight? Overdose on such cuteness.. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeel..MOL. xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. YIKES pals - how do you expect us to choose one of you when every one of them spells cuteness! You both win paws down - or maybe that's paws up.

  17. I try not to choose favorites ;)

  18. Oh no I could not just choose one. You are both too cute!
    Sue B

  19. OMC they are all great!!! Neytiri and the carrot and Cloony's Psychoanalysis are our favorites!!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. Aww come on! You can't expect me to choose one of you. It has to be a tie from me too.

  21. FIRST of all, both of you are so gorgeous and so cute I stand amazed and I ain't kidding. Your poses just sent mom into a swoon; and I have no idea if she will EVER be able to come back from seeing all of those gorgeous features on those totally adorable kissable pettable and lovable little bodies. It's a draw!!!

  22. Do I have to choice ?!
    Me too sqay both of you :)

  23. We did a "Cute Toss Up" last year with the critters and it was determined by the audience that efurryone tied! We think that is the case for you two as well. You are both too cute to choose who is cutest! It's a tie! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  24. Oh, my goodness!! What wonderful, adorable pictures. We think it is an even tie on the cuteness factor. Love all those pictures, you both are just precious! Hugs and nose kisses

  25. Ut-Oh, Mommy's gone into a Cuteness Stupor!

  26. Mes and Mommy and Jo-Jo went for Clooney, but the Daddy and Kozmo went for Neytiri. The Hairy slobbery sisters just wanted to chase both of them!
    Thats how wes voted!

  27. Holy Cod in All the Heavens! YOU Broke the interwebs with all the cute!

    No way to decide, juries out. Permanently with type two diabetes & several root canals.

    That is all

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    (who couldn't choose if you stuck a loaded water bottle at her)

  28. It's a close race. Too close to call!


  29. No fair! Clooney is using his big beautiful dreamy eyes to perform the Vulcan Mind Meld in several photographs. I'm getting weaker.... weaker....
    I'm sorry Neytiri, forgive me...

  30. Well Cloon, you do put on an awfully good cute!! But to this mancat, Neytiri has the edge *goes all dreamey* She is a bit gorge us!!! xoxox ;)

  31. We have to agree with the Katnip Lounge kitties...
    Clooney has the cute all sealed up...especially those curled toes!!!
    But Neytiri is a gorgeous glamour-queen. Very Hollywood.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  32. That is so tough. They both have the cute factor for sure. Each photo was cuter than the one before. But we have to give top honors to Clooney, but just by a whisker. MOL, HO, HO, HO! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  33. It’s closer than I thought it would be but, being a female, I’ll have to go with Cloon.


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