December 9, 2013



Well hello there Audience.  Welcome to our third week of Holiday Gifties, where we shall give the Audience ideas for cool Christmas pressies for the hard-to-shop for felines on your list.  Theese week we are featuring a "Spanish PAR-TAY Pak" for the adventurous feline who loves to travel, learn a new language and PAR-TAY! 

Neytiri is a keener and she has already learned some Spanish phrases:

"Donde esta Ducky?" (Where is Ducky?)

"Te gustan mis brownies de catnip?" (Do you like my catnip brownies?)

"Quitar el polvo esta en curso." (Dusting is in progress.)

"Mi novio Archie es muy guapo!" (My boyfriend Archie is very handsome!)

Escucha un ruido?  (Do you hear a noise?)

Mi avion esta aqui!  (My airplane is here!)

Voy a Cabo San Lucas!  (I'm going to Cabo San Lucas!)

Y yo voy a bailar la samba!  (And I'm going to dance the samba!)

We give the "Spanish PAR-TAY Pak" a 7 out of 8 paw rating! Theese pressie is guaranteed to excite any adventurous feline on your list!  They can don their sombrero, shake their maracas and habla espanol!

Adios Amigos!

Join us, next TUESDAY, for our "Tunnel Tuesday: Holiday Gifties" where each Tuesday till Christmas, a cool gift idea will appear magically in theese shopping cart!


  1. Ole! Is that a tiny bottle of tequila we spy in the par-tay pack?

    The tunnel has some great gift ideas! MOL!

  2. Binga is from the barrio and knows Spanish... but only the bad words! ¡Ay, caramba!

  3. Learning another language is cool, but can you bat around the rest of that stuff?? While saying 'this is fun' in Spanish of course, hee hee

  4. That's a good gift only if no one expects a cat to wear that sombrero!

  5. Olé! Let's par-tay!

    We love that gift pack...Could we have a catnip brownie too?

  6. I learn all my Mexican from HHGutt. I think I’d like to see him Salé. All TW remembers from 4 years of Spanish class is “Baila usted La Rumba? Do you dance the rhumba.

  7. Mommy used to have a maracas she received at a party. Tutu says she's willing to give the sombrero a try!

  8. chicos ... un total Rockin lee thiz semana ojo regalo dea iz! nos haza nudo debido pasar un sew puerto nunca podemos ir en viajes, pero aún podíamos conseguir thiz, Lurn ella, N creemos con certeza ahora oveja amasar una más grande cartz shoppin!

  9. Me gusto! What a great post, Cloon and Neytiri. Gracias for the lesson en Espanol!

  10. Those are great gifts there and I love the Spanish speak. Can I say I love the Christmas header. Hugs Carol

  11. Love those gift ideas...Purrs XX

  12. Excellent post. Neytiri's Spanish is muy bueno. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. I once tried to learn Spanish. I remember some phrases but forgot most of what I learned. Now you kitties can teach me :-)

  14. We'll learn Spanish if you take us to Cabo with you!!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. All we can say is Yo Quiero Kitty Toys!!


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