October 19, 2010


The National Feline Enquirer is on hand at the Headquarters of Clooney Credit Canada to interview Miss Trovsky, President of the Pink Nose Society, who has been "climbing the walls" in a 24 hour Climb-a-thon.

NFE: Good Day Miss Trovsky or should I say evening? We've been in the basement for 24 hours and have no idea what time of day it is.

Miss T: Exactamundo.

NFE: How are you holding out?

Miss T: I think my arms have fallen asleep holding this position.

NFE: What dedication you have! What prompted this climb in the first place?

Miss T: I saw a moth on the ceiling and "went for it".

NFE: And how did this turn into a Climb-a-thon and fundraiser for the Pink Nose Society?

Miss T: It was Cloon's idea. He saw me on the wall and said "hey, why don't you make some money off this".

NFE: Bless his little heart. So what's been happening?

Miss T: Well Cloon, "Ducky" and the Cockatoo from Australia have volunteered their own time on the phone lines for the public to call in, sponsor me and donate money to the Society.

NFE: How much money has been raised so far?

Miss T: Felines worldwide have gone to their piggy banks and donated a grand total of $1333.33!

NFE: How will you use the donated funds?

Miss T: Some of the money raised will be used to tour the "Insect Zoo" at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. As well, I am saving for my trip back to Russia to recruit Russian felines for the Pink Nose Society.

NFE: Best of luck with your future fundraising efforts! When are you coming down from the wall?

Miss T: Pronto. I have to use the "premises".

Cloon: That will be a toon please...

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