June 13, 2010

Cloon: Joining me today via skype is Pierre Du Port and a special guest. Hello there Pierre. Now tell the Audience who the special guest is at Headquarters today...
Pierre: Bonjour Cloon! Our special guest is none other than "SpyCat" from across the way...
Cloon: Excellent, most excellent. Hello there SpyCat, welcome! Now do you go by any particular name other than "SpyCat" which we have named you at Headquarters?
SpyCat: Well yes, I most certainly do as a matter of fact. My official name is "Sandy".
Cloon: Theese one has a nice ring to it..."Sandy the SpyCat". Now let's refresh the memories of the Audience, shall we? SpyCat was caught on video surveillance spying on the Headquarters of Clooney Credit Canada some time ago, then she infiltrated security, got into my vault and stole my Num-Nums Report. Then Private Eye disguised as a "Girl Guide" with special CSI technology was able to track her down and retrieve the report. Does that sound about right?
SpyCat: Yes, that is a good synopsis. However you left out the part that you had too few phone lines open to handle the flood of calls for the Num-Nums Taste Test Challenge and this is where all the trouble started in the first place...
Cloon: Uh, sorry about that! Now, how did the free month of num-nums go for ya?
SpyCat: Very excellent.
Cloon: And how about the tour of Headquarters today? I see from the photographs that you did a very thorough exploration of the "grounds" and took it in from all angles. Was this satisfactory?
SpyCat: The tour of the Assembly Line of the Clooneymobile was very informative and the Assembly Line Elves were very charming. They stopped production and had a num-nums break with me. They even allowed me to test drive a Clooneymobile prototype within the little factory.
Cloon: Were you pleased with what you saw and do you prefer a squirrel motif or bird motif interior?
SpyCat: The Clooneymobile is outstanding! It packs a lot of punch! And of course, I prefer the bird motif interior.
Cloon: Excellent. Now, tell us all... You look very similar to "Girlfriend". Did you ever have any plastic surgery done?
SpyCat: I thought it would be easier to infiltrate Headquarters if I did look very similar to your past Secretary so I saw this ad on the interwebs and flew to Cabo for an all-inclusive week of tequila, tacos and plastic surgery...
Cloon: Was a dog toy who goes by the name of "The Baby" involved?
SpyCat: Most definitely. He met me on the tarmac with a mini margarita and escorted me to the resort.
Cloon: And all went well?
SpyCat: Yes, very well. We did some macarena, a little suntanning, and most importantly... he counselled me about the psychological implications of plastic surgery and looking quite similar to your neighbour across the way.
Cloon: Well there you have it folks! A thanks to Sandy the SpyCat, our guest today, who will be given a VIP Pass for future events at Headquarters. And remember felines, do not try theese at home...plastic surgery is a very serious matter...at least seek out the experts in Cabo...

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