June 5, 2010


Cloon: Happy Birthday "TIM"!!!


Cloon: "TIM" has mouthed a "silent meow". You don't look a day over "29" my friend!!!

TIM: No more third eye healing for you, my "friend".

Cloon: I'm just messin' with ya man! You look really good for your age, what's your secret?

TIM: I apply a "num-nums" facial mask weekly and get plenty of "beauty sleep".

Cloon: Excellent. Now, is it true that you threw yourself your own birthday bash?

TIM: Well, there's a shortage of pink noses in the "Society", so a guy's gotta do, what a guy's gotta do...

Cloon: Well, good on ya. But, if you would bend the rules a little with the "nose color" I could be the "Treasurer" and give you some help with the "Society".

TIM: Negatory. Pink noses only.

Cloon: You can't blame a guy for trying...Now what do you have planned for your birthday festivities?

TIM: "The Baby" and Mr. L are putting on a private Elvis concert for me and I'm hoping for an extra serving of num-nums from my Human.

Cloon: Sounds good. Well, "Happy Birthday to you ...and many more"...

(Cloon has the "jazz hands" going...)

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