June 1, 2010


Cloon: Hello there Audience. Joining me in-studio is Pierre Du Port. Pierre has returned from his Australian trip and has just finished competing in the World's First Poutine-Eating Championship in Toronto. Welcome back Pierre!

Pierre: Bonjour et merci!

Cloon: So, tell us little buddy, how did the poutine-eating contest go?

Pierre: Formidable!

Cloon: That's excellent, most excellent! How did you place?

Pierre: Well, I took the amateur category, just as you predicted Cloon.

Cloon: Tell us more...how much poutine did you manage to eat in the allotted time of 10 minutes?

Pierre: I consumed 6 pounds of poutine!

Cloon: Now, theese is most excellent for a dog toy your size!

Pierre: C'est vrai. The organizers of the event were kinda worried about me being so small so I was required to sign a waiver about the potential adverse effects of consuming so many calories in only a few minutes.

Cloon: How did you feel afterwards?

Pierre: Like a million bucks, given the fact that I was without poutine for the 2 months I was "Down Under".

Cloon: Well Congratulations Pierre! Do you have anything else to say in closing?

Pierre: Oui, oui. I'm very pleased that poutine-eating has now become an international sport!

Cloon: Well give the little guy a round of applause Audience and anyone who donates to the Num-Num Fund in the next 48 hours will receive a free e-book authored by Pierre Du Port entitled, "Eat Poutine Like An Amateur"...

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