February 11, 2010


Cloon: A warm welcome to Miss Stormy, our in-studio guest today. Now, Miss Stormy I understand you've organized a fundraising event for the "Pink Nose Society".

Miss Stormy: Yes, that is correct. I've produced, directed, choreographed and promoted the upcoming event "Burlesque de Chat".

Cloon: That sounds like quite an undertaking. What made you decide to add to your already busy schedule with the nannying and all?

Miss Stormy: TIM, I'm doing it all for TIM...

Cloon: We've gone down that road before...Trust me he's not interested.

Miss Stormy: A girl can always hope, can't she? Besides, one of these days I'll swipe him into submission.

Cloon: Tell us more.

Miss Stormy: Well on a daily basis I give the guy a swipe across his pink nose...

Cloon: You're a wild one Miss Stormy. Now back to the fundraiser, what else can you tell us?

Miss Stormy: Make sure to come out and see some Feline Burlesque and support the "Pink Nose Society" of course. The $100 ticket for the evening includes your infamous catnip brownies, am I correct?

Cloon: Yes, I better get baking...we're expecting a sold-out performance and I'z only gots the easy-bake oven. A thanks to Miss Stormy and lines are now open for ticket sales.

Dial 1-800-PNK-CATS now...

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