December 25, 2009


Hello there felines! Ol' Clooney Claus is very tired (and full) from his extremely busy evening. With the help of my elves, I visited many feline households last night. My sleigh finally pulled in to "Squirrel Sanctuary" in the wee hours of the morn for some much-needed rest, relaxation, squirrel and birdwatching. My last household visit was Von Ice Enterprises. TIM was delivered his secret Clooney Claus wishes of unlimited Num-Nums for the following year, the 24 hour Hockey Central TV Station, and tickets to all this season's Oilers games including a VIP locker room pass. Mr. L received a truck-load of squirrels relocated to his backyard and his secret Clooney Claus wish of a dream date with Pamela Anderson. He will be whisked away by private jet to spend a day with his dream girl in Hollywood. "The Baby" received his secret Clooney Claus wish of a two week all-inclusive trip to a 5 star resort in Cabo San Lucas with unlimited tequila and foot massages. I want to thank all felines for the generous portions of Num-Nums that were left out for Clooney Claus last night. Back on the home front, Pierre Du Port was given the book "Cowboys For Dummies" for all his hard work at Headquarters and received his secret Clooney Claus wish of a walk-on role in a Cowboy and Western movie, to be filmed in the Australian Outback in the spring of 2010. And yours truly received hefty contributions to my Num-Nums fund. Theese one was a good one!

Well felines, have a good one! Remember not to eat tinsel or poinsettias. Of course, don't be shy to ask your Human for an extra portion of Num-Nums today...Ho, ho, ho!!!

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