December 24, 2009

Now gather around felines, this is Cloon with a little Christmas Eve message and story. This is a special evening as it marks the 3rd Anniversary of the passing of Doogie, my Human's first ever feline. Theese guy was quite something I'm told. It was before my time, but his story is legendary. Doogie was strong-willed, independent and full of soul. He survived a 10 story jump from an apartment window when he was only 8 months old. (Someone was pet sitting him at the time and my Human was not there.) He ended up losing one of his back legs in this incident, but that didn't slow him down. After a few weeks, he learned to walk again with his 3 legs and was still a force to be reckoned with. He had travelled all over the United States and Mexico with my Human and was her main man before I entered the picture. He loved Num-Nums and preferred the Fancy Feast Sliced Turkey Feast, so if he had been at my Num-Nums Taste Test Challenge he would have picked "B" on the ballot. (That's OK, I won't hold it against him - he was "old school".) Doogie loved plants (hence above photo op), bugs, birdies, exploring, looking out windows, gray babe mousies, and most of all he loved my Human. He is now one of my Human's "Guardian Angels" and likes to watch over things.
...Raise a mini glass of cheer to Doogie
and felines continue to be "good girls and boys" this evening as "CLOONEY CLAUS" comes down the chimney tonite. Actually, could you leave the front door unlocked for me, it's a lot easier...and instead of milk and know what to's all about the NUM-NUMS...

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