November 22, 2014

Caturday Art

A memento from Neytiri's kittenhood, I'm calling this
"snow kitten"...timely as we are receiving our first snowfall of the season...hope you can snuggle in and have a cozy Caturday...

November 15, 2014

Caturday Art

Hoping your Caturday brings you some good sunpuddles to warm you up and brighten your weekend...

November 4, 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem

"There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost."

~A Course In Miracles 

Today we join Mimi Lenox in Blog4Peace 2014 and fly our Peace Globe high alongside Peace Bloggers from around the world. 

One Voice

One subject

One day 

Dona Nobis Pacem

November 1, 2014

Caturday Art

Hope you all had a fun (and spooky) Halloween with lots of goodies and some ghostie and goblin sightings!  How's about vampires and zombies...did you encounter any?

  It's Caturday and we are joining Athena, Cat Goddess in her Caturday Art Blog Hop.

October 28, 2014



 Well hello there felines.  Welcome to Haunted Headquarters!  We're starting Halloween early and getting the festivities underway...

Step right up felines and visit the Nip O' Lantern...
If you indulge too much, you may start seeing things...


...or Ghosts...

If you are really brave, you may even want to visit our Photo Booth and take a picture with a "Ghost"...

And if you have gone way overboard on the catnip, you may even start seeing Ladybugs Clooneybugs hangin' around the PAR-TAY...

Don't worry it's only a figment of your imagination and will fade away once the nip wears off...

Come one, come all...if you dare!

Happy Halloween!

October 25, 2014

Caturday Art

It's the Caturday before Halloween and Neytiri the Bruja (Spanish for witch) is making her special potions...
 Wishing you a weekend filled with some magic and Abracadabra!

October 21, 2014



 Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the wee hours of the morn...
and what do I find?  There waiting for me was a sign that said "Awardiepalooza"...

Neytiri is helping me figure theese one out...
Then the light bulbs went on for both of us!
Our tunnel organized a special Awards celebration for us to showcase the blog awardies we have received from our furriends and that our Human has been very negligent about posting about...
So let's get started shall we?

Many moons ago, we received the Sunshine Picnic Award from our pal Nellie from the Cat From Hell and from our pals Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head:

 Now we are obviously way too late for the picnic and would freeze our huevos if we tried to have a picnic in late October...
Thanks to Nellie and Kitties Blue, sorry we missed the boat picnic...

Then we were presented with the Most Influential Blogger Award from our pals the Lone Star Cats:

And they also gave us the  Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award:

 And then they passed on the Liebster Award to us and Travis made up his  own questions for me The Cloon:
 1.  Which are better, bacon or crab?
I have never tried crab but one day I tried a tiny bit of bacon and I can see why Travis loves it!
2.  Do ya like da vet?
Nope.  But they like me because I'm a good boy there.
3.  Do ya like pups?
I never met a pup in purrson.
4.  How did ya get your name?
You folks get one guess on theese one!
5.  Do ya have to get your nails trimmed?
I'm easy-going with nail trimming so my Human has no problems.
6.  What are your favorite place to snooze?
My soft, pink beddie.
7.  Has ya ever gotten to kill anything?
8.  Do ya run away from da litter box after doin a stinky in it?
Nope.  Neytiri is the stinky one, I smell like roses. 
9.  What are da best piece of peeple foodz ya ever snagged?
Oh KFC most definitely. 
10.  What are your favorite toy?
A black furry ball and a green spring.

Thanks so much to Travis and Crockett from Lone Star Cats for their awards to us!  They are such cool cats!

And then we struck the motherlode with a whole bunch of lovely awardies from our dear furriends from The Cat On My Head: 

We want to thank Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo for all the special awards, we appreciate them thinking of us...and special Clooney cuddles to my lovelies Fiona and Giulietta!

 To close off this awards celebration, we received  The Versatile Blogger Award from Coco from Death By Chocolate Lab.

Thank you so much for passing the award on to us, Coco!  Coco is such a cute woofie who has some great adventures!

Since some of the awards from Kitties Blue and the one from Coco asked to share 7 things about ourselves, we are going to end by sharing that:

1) Neytiri purrs a great deal of the time, in fact out of the four cats my Human has had, Neytiri purrs the most.
2) I have a "hamdar"...if ham enters the house, I come out of the woodwork, enter the kitchen and expect some ham.
3) Neytiri has a crush on the woofie from next door. 
4) I am scared of loud noises from appliances or vacuums but when the electric egg beater apparatus starts, I come a runnin' for whipped cream as soon as the noise begins...
5) Neytiri likes to be sung to and purrs when my Human sings her a silly song...
6) I get fed coconut oil for the 'irregularities' (wink, wink) and then after my Human says that my furs around my face smell so good, just like coconuts...
7) I am a talker, the biggest talker out of all the cats my Human has had. 

And that's a wrap folks...
Neytiri is dismantling the Awardiepalooza and if anykitty by some slim chance doesn't already have theese Awards, please help yourself before Ducky claims all the awardies for himself and locks them away in his trophy cabinet...

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my tunnel.