March 1, 2012

On The Red Carpet

Clooney: (Tap, tap and then in a Bridget Jones voice...)
The, uh.., mike's

Neytiri: Let's turn it on, shall we?

Clooney: I'd like to thank the Academy for my Oscar The Furries of Whisppy for presenting me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  I do believes that I am "versatile" as I have my paws in many pies, so to speak...But enough about me...The Furries of Whisppy have a wonderful blog with a very special Mommy who helps stray and feral kitties.  The Furries are all very photogenic and the action shots taken of them are amazing!  You must go on over to visit them!

As Neytiri was being photographed by the Paw-Purr-Azzi on the Red Carpet, she was Tagged!  Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Austin Powers  Austin the Welsh Tuxedo Mancat  fleeing the scene.  Now Austin has awards coming out of his ears...let's just call him "The Artist", shall we?  But deservedly so folks because he and his Human Caro are uber-clever.  You must go on over to CATachresis to be entertained and impressed!  Now we will answer the questions that we have been tagged with:

1) Describe yourself in 7 words:
Clooney: easy on the eyes, intelligent, a character 
Neytiri: fluffy, tomboy, persistent, sweet, humble, enchanting, independent
2) What keeps you up at night?
Clooney: boredom
Neytiri: Clooney
3) Who would you like to be?
Clooney: A Zoo Official
Neytiri: An Entomologist
4) What are you wearing now?
Clooney: If you purchase a Clooneymobile, I'll tell ya...
Neytiri: Rabbit fur
5) What scares you?
Clooney: Going to the V-E-T and the vacuum cleaner
Neytiri: Only that heart balloon from Valentine's
6) The best and worst of blogging?
Both: A chance to have fun and be silly and making great blogging friends is the best.  The worst is being behind in visiting blogs.
7) Last website you've visited:
Both: CATachresis to get the tag questions!
8) One thing you'd change about yourself:
Clooney: I'd like bigger biceps...
Neytiri: I'd like to live somewhere tropical where there are more insects.
9) Slankets or no?
Clooney: Only if they make them in Argyle...
Neytiri: Definitely not!  Although I'd like to see "Ducky" in a slanket! (Do they make them for ducks?)
10) Tell us something about the cat that tagged you:
Austin only speaks Welsh but writes haikus in the guy talented or what?

Oh and we're back...Ok Audience, it's a double whammy, we tag The Purr Diaries and give them The Versatile Blogger Award too!  If you haven't been over there, you must visit their blog!  Sarah is a very talented artist and has two very irresistible Mancats: Bosco and Oliver. 

And now returning to our regular OTRC programming...  Here are our Awards/Picks from the 84th Annual Academy Awards:

1) Neytiri's Warm Fuzzies Award goes to Meryl Streep and her classy acceptance speech (we likes our Meryl here at Headquarters).

2) Cloon's "You're Busting My Chops" Award goes to Angie's Right Leg...

3) "Ducky's" Best Oscar Moment goes to the "Martin Scorsese Drinking Game"...(well what do you expect Audience, I mean the little guy tweets for beer...)

And that's all folks!  Thanks for joining us OTRC!


  1. Cloon's You're Busting My Chops Award??? You guys are soooo hilarious. More fun than the actual Oscars night. purrr....meow!

  2. What a big night! These awards are flying left and right!

  3. Wow! you two look amazing in your red carpet wear! Congratulations on your award! Love the answers!

  4. Concatulations on your award - and for doing such an awesome post about it!

  5. Hahahaha! That was rib ticklingly brill and triff. Far better than the oscars!!! Awww! Thanks for saying nice things. Even Austin is chuffed. He said "Llongyfarchiadau, yn dda iawn yn wir". I do hope he wasn't swearing!!! :) xox

  6. Thanks soooo much for tagging me AND giving me such a wonderful award - I feel honored!! I absolutely love your blog too and I'm very greatful for the recognition and kind words :o)
    Sarah, Bosco and Oliver xo

  7. great post. good job. very entertaining☺ you all look spectacular!
    we r following your bloggy now too☺

  8. Wow! We love this post. You definitely deserve the award (ahem, ahem). We had to laugh at Neytiri's answer about wanting to be an entomologist. And you are most welcome to move in with us. We have LOTS of insects!

  9. Great, great blog post. I loved hearing all about you.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Oh my COD, that was terrific. We love Austin's comment even if we couldn't understand it. Conga rats to you for winning all the awards.Thank COD, you didn't tag us. Cloon, which part of the zoo do you want to officiate?? Those answers were just the best. Take care. Hey, email coming to Mom.

  11. ha ha - this is such a great post. You look good on the red carpet too.

  12. Congratulations kitties, you are very deserving award recipients!!! Great answers...Archie thinks Tiri is enchanting too and Cloon I think your biceps are fine and I like you just the way you are :-)

    PS - we also thought the right leg was pretty silly!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS! And might I say... you two were the best dressed at the Oscars. Really... you were!

  14. Bravo! I loved the post and congrats on the very nice award!

  15. Bwaa! Haa! Haa! Yous guys ROCKS! Me LOVES your award wear and the Bust My Chops award is just too too funny!

  16. Great post guys! Congratulations on the award-we are happy to know you and that you received it :) You made us laugh with your unique Academy Awards!Hmmm The leg... well maybe she was hanging out with Ducky and they tweeted for beer together....which in turn clouded her judgement...

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  17. You two are very fetching! Congratulations on your awards!

  18. Concats on your awards. I could describe you in one word: Yummy!

  19. Congrats on your awards! That was quite the acceptance speech!!

  20. Congrats!!!

    ...and we LOVE your Dr. Suess rhyme!

    Pee S - Clooney, you have all the biceps I need.
    kiss kiss!

  21. Congratulations on your award!!
    I enjoyed your answers for questions tagged to you. Bad Mr. Clooney to keep Neytiri up in the night... :-)
    I think there should be slanket for ducks. I'd love to see Ducky in it!


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