January 14, 2012

Caturday with Cloonski Ogorki

(LOL'd by Wendy's LOL-Spot)

Well hello there Audience.  Last night on the Eve of the Ukrainian New Year, my cousin Cloonski Ogorki (visiting from Old Country) hosted a sold-out event at Headquarters.  My cousin, (pictured above), conducted a seminar on the art of "Making Your Own Potato Water".  Secretary Neytiri was one of the attendees...

I, on the other paw, was the "Official Taste Tester"...What follows is a little story of sorts, on what may happen if one over-imbibes theese "Potato Water":

One may perform "Stupid Party Tricks"...

One may mis-use the Corporate Credit Card on the interwebs...

One may experience "hallucinations"...

One may get the "munchies"...

One may "wake up in strange places"...

But no worries folks...if theese happens, I has just the thing...

Happy Ukrainian New Year from Cloonski Ogorki!  (Now remember folks, if you pro-cat-inated on your New Year's resolutions, you get to start all over today!)


  1. Well of COURSE he haz hiz own Amex card!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    *filling out application*

  2. Where can we get some of that potato water???

  3. Potato water sounds kind of tasty!

    Happy Ukrainian New Year, Cloon and Neytiri! We're gonna take you up on that pro-rating the resolutions, too. :)

  4. Happy Ukrainian New Year! Love that last piccie.

  5. ha ha - I knew I could eventually catch up. We still has time for new year's rezolutions.

  6. Now that's what me calls a good old time pawty! Wes not had one of those in a ling time! Happy New Year!
    or Веселого Різдва і з Новим Роком!

  7. That potato water is very deceptive! Think you were a bit heavy on the potato and a bit light on the water!!

    Love the cross dresser :)))

  8. Happy Ukrainian New Year!

    We're thinking a little of that potato water might make the mom's work days more interesting. :-)

  9. It sure looks like you are good and ready for a pawty! Happy Ukrainian New Year!

  10. Heya Cloon,
    Fancy cross dresser there..like a Russian babushka, or is it Ukrainian now? Am confused my friend. My new year resolution starts on Chinese New Year. Perhaps. purrr...meow!

  11. Happy Ukrainian New Year!
    We hafta say that potato water doesn't sound tasty but looking at the effects of it, we may have to try it anyway.

  12. Mister Cloonski, this explains MUCH of the silliness at the house two nights ago and the utter lack of spuds in the pantry...thank you for clearing that up!
    xx The Mommy

  13. Sounds like sum kittehz has had sum experience wif this overindulgence of potato-water! Happy Ukrainian New Year!

  14. Cloon, you have a very nice cousin who is very talented in the Ukrainian version of our very own holy water..;)

    Happy Ukrainian New Year to you, Tiri, and Ms. Cloonski. I will now drink a toast to another new year'sssslosherrooonie.


  15. Hahahaha, this was such a fun post. Thanks for the laughs!

  16. Happy Ukrainian New Year!
    I love the "cross dresser" photo :-)
    I'd like to try the potato water, too. I wonder where I wake up the next morning!

  17. It sounds like our kind of party. Happy Ukrainian New Year!

  18. Happy Ukrainian New Year! We gotsta get ourselves some of that potato water...It will improve our prison...um...home conditions... sooo much!!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  19. We wanna know more about that potato water!

  20. Mmmmm potato water!!! lol ;o)

  21. Cloon, you're a card. And not the plastic kind. :)

  22. Yummy potato water hahah.OOps i should refrain on laughing but it is a big problem with me ha.Meow hugs


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