June 30, 2011



Hello there Audience.  Welcome to our Canada Day Celebration!

Neytiri is the official flag-bearer today.

Here I am inspecting the flag and smoothing things over.

5) Eat as many hotdogs as you can then finds a good place to nap.
4) Take in dunk tank or pie-in-the-face fundraisers that support local felines.
3) Try your paw at balloon artistry...but get your Human to trim your nails first.
2) Avoid getting your face painted (it takes too much effort to clean yourself afterwards...) Trust me on theese one...
and our #1 tip of the day...
1) Seek out an excellent hiding place before the fireworks get underway.

We know that everyone was excited for our Good Old Fashioned Water Fight taking place today...I won Round 1 against Neytiri by just a whisker and then proceeded to Round 2 against "The Baby".  I smoked him and as you can see he is soaking wet!

Here I am about to finish him off! 

Neytiri got quite a kick out of that and you can see her in the background laughing her tail off...

She is the official judge of Round 2 so she is heading over to inspect "The Baby"...

She has declared "The Baby" sufficiently soaked and pronounced me the Official Winner of The Good Old Fashioned Water Fight!

We hope you will stick around for our feature attraction "Ducky's" Skateboard Trick Extravaganza!

Guests may help themselves to a nice festive dessert of fresh strawberries and whipped cream...

Felines may choose their preferred type of Num-Nums...

And anyone in the market for a Clooneymobile will get to have a little Samba time with The Cloon...


  1. You guys totally know how to rock Canada Day!

  2. Heya Cloon,
    Man, you're good with the pistol. That's why you're the natural leader of Oceans 11. I'm taking Samba lessons myself, maybe one day I can play soccer for Brazil. har har har *evil laughs* Brad

  3. Looks like more fun that the 4th of July!
    But come this weekend, we're going to follow your #1 tip around here...

  4. Happy Canada! Gees, we were only going to hang out in the back space, but we think we might have to teleport over to your place -- it looks like much more fun!

    Concats, Clooney, on winning the first water fight. :-D

  5. Happy Canada Day everyone!!! Have a simply wonderful holiday weekend!!!

  6. Happy Canada Day to you Clooney - we hope you get lots of delicious num-nums.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Happy Canada Day to you and Neytiri.....what a great time we had celebrating with you.


  8. Happy Canada Day! Dang, you two really know how to party! Water gun fights - brilliant! We hope the fireworks aren't too bad and you all don't have to take cover for long. Have a super weekend!

  9. Happy Canada Day pal You do know how to celebrate big time.

  10. Happy Canada Day! I'm in for efurrything but the fireworks.I luf a good pawty! Purrs from Prancer

  11. Come on and Samba over to the LOLSpot to see the Canada Day LOL-Cat PURRade! You and Neytiri are there along with all the other Canadian LOL-Cat veterans.

    Happy Canada Day!

    I knew you'd do something with those water guns!

  12. Happy Canada Day! We will have Independence Day on Jul4 so I'm having 4 day weekend beginning today. Yay!
    They are great Canada Day tips. Hiding from fireworks is very important. It's too loud!
    Congrats on wining the Good Old Fashioned Water Fight!! I love Neytiri's laughing face...she looks really amused :-)

  13. Happy Canada Day!
    We think you two are verreh brave to have a water pistol fight. Or maybe just plain crazy...

    Um, the girls here would like a Cloonymobile EACH; we hope you are up to the Samba-ing!

  14. Happy Canada Day, Cloon! We live so close to Canada (we can see Canada from our island) that we almost feel Canadian ourselves!!

    We'll have some of that whipped cream, please. And Zoey wants to samba!!

  15. OMC you guys kill me! Loved your celebration! Your water fight was hilarious.
    You were torturing me with that bowl of strawberries and whipped cream! YUM!!
    I am interested in the Samba!!!

    Happy Canada Day and lots of love from your friends across the Ambassador Bridge here in Detroit!

  16. OMC, what a great Canada Day celebration! You guys really know how to have fun, Cloon and Neytiri. Thanks for including us in the festivities. :)

  17. Happy Canada Day! Clooney, your head quarters is always such a happening place :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  18. Wow! That was the best Canada Day pawty ever!!

    FlippCat celebrates Canada Day:

  19. happy belated Canada Day!

    i'm glad everything turned out alright with the water guns (aside from poor Baby). that plate of strawberries and whipped cream looks really nice... i might have to take you up on your offer. :)

  20. Happy (belated) Canada Day!! As usual, you pulled out all of the stops, and have thrown one heck of a bash! I will help myself to some strawberries, thank you! :D I love Neytiri's laughing face!


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