January 8, 2011

Cloonski Ogorki Visits Headquarters For Ukrainian Christmas


Cloon: Well hello there Audience! I'z been up all night shooting the breeze with my cousin from Old Country, who flew in to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas with us at Headquarters. Welcome Cloonski Ogorki!

Cloonski: ZzDRAST-vet-yah...cousin!

Cloon: It's been a year since we've seen each other! You were last here in Canada for my Num-Nums Taste Test Challenge...

Cloonski: Yes, I'z gets call from you Cloon real late in night. Sayz takes airplanz to Canada to participatz in Num-Nums Taste Test Challenges. Cloon (blesses yeer little heart) says I'z can takes some of left-over Num-Nums from Challenge backs to Old Country with me. I'z very excitable for good opportunities like theese one...

Cloon: Audience members can read about my Num-Nums Taste Test Challenge here.  So Miss Trovsky, you and my cousin have also been catching up from the good ol' days...

Miss T: Correctamundo. We'z been comparing notes on our tactics for borscht-eating contests and discussing insects from Russia, our homeland.

Cloon: You look very deep in thought in the above photo...

Miss T: Uh, actually I ate too many perogies at our Christmas meal and couldn't wait to get out of the "Claus" suit...

Cloon: I'z glad everyone liked my perogies...The Assembly Line Elves were helping me make them theese week...Did you detect my secret ingredient?

Miss T: Num-Nums with just a sprinkle of catnip...

Cloon: I can't get anything past you Miss Trovsky, you'z a sharp one! So, I understand you'z gearing up for a Pink Nose Society Fundraiser in theese New Year...

Miss T: Exactamundo...I have something very special in the works.

Cloon: Excellent! I'z sure it's going to be one humdinger of a bash as you'z been busy with your event planning since you arrived at Headquarters 4 months ago...

Miss T: Yes, and I just want to say that any felines out there interested in a bit more background can read about the Pink Nose Society here.

Cloon: Well thanks to Cloonski Ogorki and Miss Trovsky for taking time out of their Ukrainian Christmas celebrations to chat with me.

Cloon saunters off to join the Christmas Carol Karaoke...


  1. Ha..Ha..Ha..me and my mom cracked up laughing when saw the first photo......Too Funny !!!!

    Thanks for good start the day ( I'm on Sunday now ! )


  2. Oh, cute! I love the photo of Cloonski! Hope you all enjoyed Ukrainian Christmas :-)
    Mr. Clooney, you have elves to help you cook? You keep surprising me! I believe a sprinkle of catnip is a very good secret ingredient for every meal. Yum yum :-)

  3. Oh, you certainly look Ukrainian...do they call boys babushkas, too?

  4. We hadn't met your cousin Cloonski Ogorkil Cloonski before. She's very pretty and we can see the strong resemblance to your sister. We hope she has been enjoying her visit with you.

  5. Seriously some of the CUTEST photos that we've ever seen!!! Love the babushka!!!

  6. he he - we're still laughing here. We were delighted to meet your cousin Cloonski Ogorkil. How nice of her to come for a Ukranian Christmas.

  7. those photos are really cute. :)

    there should be a society for dark nosed kitties. :p

  8. What a hoot.

    Cloon, you "keeed" you!

    "The Boys" think you and your "family" are very photogenic.

  9. Very cute pics!! It's very nice to meet you & thanks for stopping by our blog! We hope to see you around!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  10. This is a great way to start the year!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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