November 2, 2010

Once Upon A Time...The Story of George Clooney The Cat


Once upon a time, a Human found a character on the interwebs and it was love at first sight. That character was me. She adopted me from a rescue called Happy Cat Sanctuary and named me George Clooney (after her favorite celebrity). I was a REAL CHARACTER right from the very I didn't mind the hats and outfits. At my Human's place I discovered a love for Num-Nums, so I decided to create a fund and began to blog for Num-Nums. In the process, lots of adventures took place and many other "characters" were involved.

I became the CEO of Clooney Credit Canada. My "Headquarters" was working to produce the World's First Clooneymobile. I had an Assembly Line with Assembly Line Elves working day and night except for those naps and Num-Num breaks. The Elves went on strike once and I had to call in "The Negotiator". My cousin the Babushka Cat Hot Dog Vendor came from Old Country to sell hot dogs with sauerkraut on the picket lines.

"Girlfriend" was my Secretary at Headquarters. She organized the Elves and me and was involved in other ventures such as the Mobile Waxing Unit. We were very good pals and also threw parties at Headquarters especially for St. Patrick's Day.
"Girlfriend" founded the Pink Nose Society that was involved in "Saving The World...One Pink Nose At A Time". You had to be a feline and have a pink nose to join. I kept trying to infiltrate the Society but with no luck.

TIM was the only other member of the Pink Nose Society. He was a pal of ours from another household. He started out as Secretary and became Acting President when "Girlfriend" unexpectedly passed into kitty heaven. TIM did a lot of fundraising and was able to go on bird-watching trips. The Society was left without pink noses late this summer when TIM joined "Girlfriend" in kitty heaven. But then out of the blue, "Girlfriend's" long-lost cousin appeared on the doorstep of Headquarters to carry on the legacy and assume the Presidency of the Society.
To be continued...


  1. I can only put a hat on my cats when they sleep very deeply !
    Nice to meet you George Clooney !

  2. That is an amazing journey fur sure!


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