April 23, 2010


Cloon: Hello there Audience. I has my Human on the phone and she has some very exciting news! Go ahead, let's not keep them in suspense any longer...

Cloon's Human: First of all, how is "the last man standing"?

Cloon: Most excellent. I gets the "royal treatment" at "Squirrel Sanctuary".

Cloon's Human: Well I miss you my little man. Now without further delay, the exciting news...the baby wombat has signed on for your Australia Zoo in Canada.

Cloon: Excellent job. What are the conditions of the contract?

Cloon's Human: She requests an air conditioned burrow with good feng shui and a home theatre system and monthly "shopping sprees" at Winners.

Cloon: Those ladies are high maintenance! I'll get Private Eye's pocket gophers to start on the construction of the burrow immediately. Now it looks like the little wombat is pretty cuddly...I finds myself a bit jealous because you know I likes having your cuddles to myself.

Cloon's Human: Don't worry Cloon...you're still the cuddliest of all...you little "stuffed animal".

Cloon: You know I likes my flattery! Hurry home so I can start up my crazy antics for num-nums again, will ya?

Cloon's Human: Will do, Cloon. Will do.

Cloon: Audience...donate to the Num-Num Fund now and get yourself at the top of the waiting list for "cuddling the baby wombat photo". Phone lines are now open at 1-800-WOM-BATS...

Act soon to avoid disappointment.

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