August 7, 2009

"Girlfriend"(From Under Blankie): Well, hello little Ladybug. Welcome to the Blog.
Ladybug: Thank you indeed. This is a very important interview as I do believe that Dog Toys have been disproportionately featured on theese Blog so I am ready to even the playing field a bit.
"Girlfriend": Excellent. Now tell us how you came to know Cloon.
Ladybug: One day I was hanging from a hook on the wall of a pet store and theese Human came by and saw me. She picked me off the wall and commented on how cute I was. She also liked the fact that I was made of natural materials and filled with catnip. I was on a string attached to a bamboo wand and she thought of Cloon immediately as Cloon is definitely a "string man". She took me to the cash register and before I knew it, I was living at the Headquarters of Clooney Credit Canada.
"Girlfriend": Wow, that is touching little story. What was your first meeting with Cloon like?
Ladybug: Well, the little guy went quite wild, what can I say?... He fell in love with me at first sight. He was jumping real high in the air to try to get me and when he succeeded, he held me in his mouth and led his Human around the house by the string. He became very possessive of me and she even heard a little growl come from Cloon as he still held onto me.
"Girlfriend": Yes, I must admit that usually I'm a "babe mousie" kind of girl but I found myself quite jealous of Cloon's new toy...aka you the Ladybug. I came out of hiding and tried to get a piece of the action myself. I also started to jump for the string that was attached to you.
Ladybug: I know. I'm a popular one, what can I say...
"Girlfriend": Can you tell the Audience about today's events?
Ladybug: Well, Cloon was overly excited to see me today when I made my appearance...He grabbed me in his mouth and started to run down the stairs with his Human in tow. Then the string broke and Cloon ran away with me and was looking for a secret place to hide me. His little hunting instinct really kicks in with me...
"Girlfriend": So how is Cloon doing anyway? His fans are wondering when he will surface.
Ladybug: Well, he has been working non-stop with the Assembly Line Elves to get the Clooneymobile production up and running once again. So, I was a little bit of a stress relief for him today.
"Girlfriend": Now, tell you like Cloon?
Ladybug: He's very handsome, he looks like a stuffed animal really...Yes, I have a bit of a crush really...I'm proud to be his favorite Cat Toy.
"Girlfriend": Thank you for coming forward into the public eye and representing Cat Toys... a very important segment of society.
Ladybug: You're most welcome. And I would just like to say to all the Humans out your part and take a Cat Toy home today...

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