July 1, 2009


Hello Y'all. We're gearing up for our Canada Day Festivities at Clooney Credit Canada. We are holding an open house and tour of our Headquarters. The Paparazzi is already outside waiting to take photos and the line of interested folks keeps getting longer. Some have camped out in line overnight to be the first through the doors today and receive a limited edition souvenir $1,000,000 Bill. It is hot off the press and has my picture on it, of course. Clooney Money - it's the way of the future folks! Today's line-up of events will be:

12PM (Sharp - no latecomers will be admitted): Singing of O Canada led by

Mr. L and "The Baby"

12:10PM: "Girlfriend" will serve our Guests a round of special punch (and some catnip brownies for the felines in attendance).

12:15-1:00PM: Socializing and ice-breaker games

1:00PM (Sharp): Line-ups for the "premises" begin. (Cloon expects a good topping-up of the Num-Num Fund today as the "punch" is extra strong and the Guests will be depositing a toon to use the biffy.)

Note: Those Guests who have stronger bladders and are not lined up for the "premises" will be the first to tour through Headquarters, visiting the Assembly Line Elves, viewing the prototype of the Clooneymobile and "Ms. Tortorovsky's" new exhibit of paintings (including a beautiful Buddha giclee).

2:00PM: Mr. L and "The Baby" will be doing a special "Bollywood" number choreographed by the Infamous DJ "T.I.M."

2:30-3PM: Dunk Tank Fundraiser for "The Pink Nose Society" in the parking lot outside Clooney Credit Canada.

And that's all folks... Happy Canada Day to "Trish" (a new blog follower)!

**IMPORTANT UPDATE** Cloon and "Girlfriend" placed 2nd in the Feline Suntanning Contest. They lost out to a team of Devon Rexes from Yuma Arizona. Cloon was very upset and flew to Florida for a re-count of the suntanning hours (hence not blogging for the past week or so). But, alas, the count was accurate. (Cloon does report that there may have been an unfair advantage for the winners as Yuma happens to be one of the sunniest places in the world and Devon Rexes have no fur so theese ones can suntan forever without getting too hot).

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