June 20, 2009




We apologize to our loyal blog followers for being away from the blog for the past week or so, but we gots a good excuse. We'z been participating in a Suntanning contest that "Girlfriend" found on the interwebs. Basically, the contest is only open to felines that live in a sunny climate or happen to be in the summer season of their country. Now, the object of the contest is to suntan as much as possible when the sun is out and to log your hours on the interwebs. The feline team with the highest hours of suntanning time in theese 2 weeks of the contest will be declared the winners. The winners are given a cash prize to donate to their favorite feline shelter or humane society. They also gets a gift certificate towards num-nums. To guard against any felines who may cheat and log extra hours of suntanning time, the management of the contest will study the weather reports and hours of daylight where each contestant resides. They will then apply algorithms and do a statistical analysis of the data submitted on the interwebs to ensure the validity. "Girlfriend" and I are hopeful as we'z been doing very good on theese contest. We lays in the sun all day with no breaks as we happen to be "naturals" at theese. If there is any spot with sunlight in the house, we finds it and lays in it. That's just the way we roll. We will update y'all in theese upcoming week as to the winners of the contest. Wish us luck and sunny weather, folks! And send us some good "vibes", will ya?

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