June 10, 2009

Hello, hello, hello everyone.
How many of the Audience members
out there like lilacs? Well, theese ones just
happen to be me and my
Human's favorite flower. We like theese ones because they are purple and they smell really good. Because lilacs have a really short season,
I decided to submit a request to Parliament
to ask for a National Lilac Day. "Girlfriend" typed up a formal document and I went to the Legislature to do a PowerPoint presentation on lilacs and the need for a national holiday in the month of June. (I dressed in formal attire, Argyle of course). I was complimented by many on how good my grey fur, my grey Argyle vest and the pretty purple lilacs looked together. I posed for some media shots and also signed some autographs. I slipped lease information for the Clooneymobile into the document, as well, as I believe in multitasking.
If you are in support of a national holiday in the month of June and also are fond of lilacs please write your local MP. I will be declaring June 10, National Lilac Day at the Headquarters of Clooney Credit Canada. We will close our office at 3PM and all employees will go on a field trip to smell lilacs in the great outdoors. For this day, the Assembly Line Elves will also wear purple babushkas, courtesy of my cousin in Old Country.
In closing, I say, "Take time to stop and smell the lilacs."

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