May 10, 2009

Good Day Everyone. This is "Girlfriend" speaking with an important public service announcement. I have created a Society and club called the Pink Nose Society (PNS). The criteria is:
1) You must have a pink nose.
2) You must be feline.
So far, we only have 2 members: me and T.I.M. (from Von Ice Enterprises). Please submit your curriculum vitae with jpeg photograph proving above 2 criterias to if you wish to join this most prestigious Society. I am the President of the Society and T.I.M. is the Secretary (because he has good paws to take minutes of our meetings and I need a break from the Secretary position because I fulfill that role at Clooney Credit Canada). However, all other positions of the Board are currently open like Treasurer for example. Cloon really wanted to be Treasurer but he can't because he is not allowed in the Society because he does not have a pink nose. In fact, he must stay in another part of Headquarters when the meetings take place because of their secret nature. For now, we will meet at Headquarters but may look for another venue in the future depending on the size of our membership. If you know of any good coffee houses or spa-like settings that have meeting space available you can also submit that with your application package. What are the advantages of joining the Pink Nose Society you may ask? Well, let me itemize them for you:
1) It is prestigious (first of its kind).
2) It has some exclusivity to it (not all felines have pink noses).
3) We serve num-nums on fine china plates at each meeting.
4) We plan to be famous.
5) We plan to save the world (one pink nose at a time).
6) We plan to fundraise and save money to go on bird watching trips all over the globe.
7) You get a fancy laminated membership card with your photograph.
Do consider joining. You won't be disappointed.

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