May 7, 2009






Hello my fine little friends. How many in the Audience love brownies? I see all hands are raised. This is very good indeed as you are all in for a special treat. I shall reveal my famous brownie recipe to y'all and "Girlfriend" will hand out a freshly baked brownie to each in-studio Audience member. So let's get started, shall we? For the first time, I am revealing a photograph of my easy-bake oven. Theese one is where I experiment with many recipes at all hours of the night. Now I happen to use Betty Crocker Brownie mix as they are Canada's #1 Selling Brownie Mix Brand and I am susceptible to advertising and marketing. Theese one also has the frosting included in the package. You may also see a container of catnip in the photo. Theese one is my secret ingredient. I regret to inform you that I cannot disclose the brand as it is a secret. But I will say that theese one is organic, grown on a farm and is very potent. Next you will need water, vegetable oil and 1 egg. Here goes....

1) Heat easy-bake oven to 350 Degrees F. (Please use the interwebs for a conversion, if you happen to go by Celsius.) Grease a little pan that will fit easy-bake oven.

2) Stir brownie mix, 1/3 cup water, 1/4 cup vegetable oil, 1 egg, and 1/3 cup catnip in a bowl until well blended. Then put in pan.

3) Bake approximately 35-38 minutes in easy-bake oven. (Now, theese one is important Audience. Takes a toothpick and stick it into the brownies to test it. If it comes out clean, then theese ones are done.)

4) Knead the frosting package for 10 seconds. That's right felines, you heard me. We loves to knead things, don't we. ("Girlfriend" is the expert in theese category so she does theese part. She gets a bit carried away and sometimes goes way over 10 seconds. But don't worry Audience she wiped her paws before she started.)

5) After brownies have cooled, squeeze out frosting from package and spread over brownies.

And voila! "Girlfriend" is making her way around with her little cart and the brownies. In about 10 minutes from now, the Audience members will have incredible energy, start rolling around and gets a bit crazy. Theese is from the catnip. Don't panic, just enjoy the process. Now you gets to see first hand what all the fuss is about with us felines and our catnip.

Did I mention that theese recipe gots me a spot on TV? Yes, that's right. I competed in the dessert category of the Food Network's Ultimate Recipe Showdown. I lost out to a New York Cheesecake by 1 point. (Alot of people like theese ones.)

(Meanwhile the Audience gets a bit restless and Cloon pounds his little paw for "order in the court"...)

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