May 6, 2009


Hello there everyone. I apologize to my loyal blog followers for the "irregularities". Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more say no more, know what I mean? Well I gots a good excuse theese time as the sign in the above photo shows I'z been busy with a Garage Sale. "Girlfriend" has tallied up the proceeds and it's official: We'z made $249.00. Theese is an all-time record for us Felines! We'z besides ourselves with excitement! Now we can adopt the Yak from Tibet. Theese one costs $99. Theese leaves $150 for the Num-Num Fund. $150 divided by $44 =3.41. Now pay attention Audience...Theese means we can buy 3.41 cases of Num-Nums. Isn't that marvelous! For the first 4 days of the Garage Sale, customers were only allowed to view the items. So, we had 20 customers per day for each of the first 4 days. Each one of theese ones used the "premises" which costed a toon. We made $160.00 from theese alone. On the last day of the sale, customers were now allowed to buy the items.

Now let me give you a mini-breakdown of some of our important garage sale items. Let's refer to the above photo as Exhibit A, shall we? On the left side of Exhibit A (by "Girlfriend") is our highest ticket item. Theese one is a Princess Leia doll from Star Wars. Theese one is a collector's item which we priced at $15.00. However, a very interesting phenomenon occurred...Because theese one is a collector's item, a bidding war occurred. In the end, we got $50 for Princess Leia. Next in price was a tube of Hairball Gel for $9.99. (Theese one is salmon flavored and I don't likes the smell. My favorite "remedy" has tuna, chicken and maple flavor with some added catnip. Who can resist that?) Then we sold 5 of "Girlfriend's" lucky white whiskers for $5 a piece. (Remember, theese ones will increase in value as they are about to be displayed at the Smithsonian.) My furball sold for $2 (accompanied by a free autograph). The kermit the frog finger puppet sold for $1. And last but not least, the chewed-up lion's head (see tiny black object on miniature table) sold for $2. (I had purchased theese little lion figurine with money from my Num-Num Fund. I gave it to Von Ice Enterprises as a Christmas gift and Mr. L ate it one day. So, I reclaimed it and decided to put it on sale. A concerned feline purchased it for some kind of travelling exhibit on "Dogs Gone Wild". You may also recognize a "mousie" in the photo. Folks, I assure you that it was just used for display purposes only, as "Girlfriend" was very upset that I attempted to sell her mousie and refused to handle the cash transactions of the garage sale if I proceeded to sell it.

There you have it Audience. Keep on the lookout for future garage sales of ours. We puts up ads in the 7-Elevens...

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