April 16, 2009

Hello everyone! After being bestowed the "Key To The City" for my heroic service of returning "The Baby" back to Mr. L and imparting him with better morals and values, the first thing I did was put the "Key" on my Team Edward keychain. It looks good, doesn't it? I also keep quite a watchful eye on the "Key"(see photo). Now how many of the Audience members are familiar with the term "Key To The City"? Excellent, I see a few show of hands. "Girlfriend" has also given her signature "shake of the paw". Well my friends, here's a little tutorial on this most esteemed award. The "Key To The City" is awarded to a citizen who has performed some sort of heroic deed on behalf of the community and is honored by the city by being awarded a key. Now to quote Wikipedias, "the key symbolizes the freedom of the recipient to enter and leave the city at will as a trusted friend of city residents". Theese is a good one! Now everyday, I takes a little walk in a different direction and I tries the "Key" in various automobiles and various businesses just to see what it belongs to. I haven't found the exact fit yet. I'll keep you posted on theese one. I also will be incorporating the "Key" into my tours of Clooney Credit Canada.
Well bye for now Folks, I'm heading in the northerly direction today for my walk with the "Key"...Wish me luck...

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