April 17, 2009


So, I goes shopping to this amazing pet store while I was away on my holidays. Theese store is a real good one. It has all kinds of toys, num-nums, natural products for the "irregularities", you name it, they got it. I finds myself this string toy. I happen to be a "string man", I like theese ones the best. Anyway, I sees this bright blue sparkly ball on a string and I gots to have it. This contraption hangs on a doorknob and then felines can go wild batting theese string and ball around. For the first day, I loves my new toy. I was spotted playing with it very late at night and in the wee hours of the morn. My Human was very excited about theese one because she thought it might be the answer to occupying me early in the morning when I get bored waiting for num-nums. However, I likes to chew on things. String, plastic, leather, wood, even metal. I'z got what you calls an "oral fixation". So, I gets to chewing on this string in the wee hours of the morn and low and behold, I chews right through it and the bright blue sparkly ball falls to the floor. Now, theese one is not fun anymore because I broked it. Then the Humans do a repair job on it and ties a knot. It then only takes me a minute or so and voila!... Bright blue sparkly ball falls to floor and theese one is not fun anymore.

So felines, I'z going to give theese toy a review and rating:

1) The name of the toy is "Door Teaser", I choose to give this a neutral rating, the name could be better or could be worse.

2) Attractiveness factor=thumbs up, I likes the bright blue sparkly ball.

3) Concept of the toy=thumbs up, I likes the idea of it and it is entertaining when it is not broken.

4) Craftsmanship, wear and tear etc. etc. =thumbs down, I can breaks this one easy.

Lets me get my calculator and tally up up theese scores...Drumroll please...

The "Door Teaser" string toy=2.5 out of 4 rating.

**So felines, gather 'round and listen closely...If you gets theese one as a toy, "Do not chew the string...I repeat, Do not chew the string"... Then theese one will bring you countless hours of fun and entertainment...

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