February 15, 2009



In keeping with the love theme, we have an important guest today. Without further ado...

Cloon: You have the distinction of being my first official interview here at the Headquarters of Clooney Credit Canada. Welcome Mr. L!

Mr. L: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Cloon: Wow, you sound exactly like Elvis, have you been practicing that?

Mr. L: I have indeed. I don't get out much so I was quite excited for this debut. There's so many new smells... When do I get that ham bone?

Cloon: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Focus.

Mr. L: Right.

Cloon: So, I see that you have brought your special "Friend" with you today. Can you give us a bit of the history and significance here?

Mr. L: Sure. This is "The Baby". We have been in a close relationship for about a year and a half. It was love at first sight. I found it in a field and we've been inseparable ever since.

Cloon: (dabbing fake tears) That's so touching. Now, I did have an anonymous call before you arrived, saying that you are quite possessive of "The Baby". Is this true?

Mr. L: No comment.

Cloon: (Audience, let's try a little experiment and test out that information.)
Gimme that Baby! Gimme that Baby!

(Audience, Mr. L. appears to have gone crazy, he's running in circles with "The Baby" in his mouth.)

Ok. Ok. I get the point. Now, is "The Baby" a good cuz or a bad cuz?

Mr. L: That's classified information.

Cloon: Can I draw a face on "The Baby"? Or at least put a hat on it?

Mr. L: Don't be ridiculous!

Cloon: You appear to be a specialized breed of canine. Are you a "Dalmation Dipped in Chocolate"?

Mr. L: (Sighs in disgust)

Cloon: Just joshing with you man! The Human made me do it! Seriously, you're one of those GSP's, aren't you?

Mr. L: Obey the GSP!

Cloon: Whatever. Now, you also run quite a clandestine operation known as Von Ice Enterprises. Can you tell me what goes on there?

Mr. L: (Stars in his eyes, starts hyperventilating, repeating the name "PAM".... is wheeled off the set.)

Cloon: I guess we'll have to save that ham bone for another occasion. Don't worry audience, we'll get to the bottom of this...

Biggest donation to the Num-Num Fund will have the priviledge of naming Mr. L's "Baby".

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