February 16, 2009


Happy Furry Family Day Everyone! Please show your furry ones a little extra love today.

Ok. Are you all ready to take notes here? This is one of my many seminars or tutorials I will be conducting from Headquarters. Theese one, of course, is of the utmost importance. In the photo, I have displayed my favorite type of Num-Nums. Num-Nums is soft food that smells good and is used to supplement the feline diet of dry crunchies. Sometimes it is given in the morning and at night or just once in the day as a treat. It can come pate style like this particular one or in chunks with gravy in it. Most felines get quite excited about their num-nums and wait in anticipation of the special feeding times. Some do silent meows (more on this at a later time). Some even get quite crazy. I'm one of those crazy ones. I run around like a madman in the wee hours of the morn at any hint of tossing and turning from my Human. I've been known to adjust pictures on the wall, knock any apparatus available off shelves or night tables, tug hair from the roots and, of course as a last resort, bite noses just to be given the special stuff. I always need to ensure I have a steady supply of num-nums so I take a regular inventory of the stock in the cupboard. (For a small fee, I can teach any interested felines out there my stock-taking method and system.) I do odd jobs for extra num-num money and I own the toilets at Headquarters so any human must deposit a loon or a toon to use the premises. All my businesses also fund the num-nums hence this blog. Any feline who can get their Human to contribute to my fund in the next 48 hrs will receive my stock-taking system for free (a $99 value).

Well folks, now that you are educated on the subject, Ka-Ching!


I've been alerted to some Clooney-Bashing going on, on squirrelpatrol. In order to protect my reputation and salvage this situation (we need Mr. L for future interviews), I have FedEx'd the ham bone to Von Ice Enterprises. I've also recorded a special edition of "Kumbaya" and sent that along as well. Let's hope for the best folks.

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