February 14, 2009


1) Let her be on top (ahem, see photo)

2) Leave her the last lick of num-nums

3) Allow her to obsessively groom you even when you are tired of girl germs

4) Take her on a tour of the otherwise secret research laboratory

5) Give her the best seat in the house to watch birdies

Some advice from renowned "Love Expert" known in close circles as "Girlfriend":

Seek first love and harmony, if it isn't found HIDE. Play hard to get, those that are worth it will be intrigued by your mysterious ways. Show your Human you care by putting a paw on them. Eavesdrop on conversations, you never know when the information will come in handy (Oops, that is a topic for another interview). Go for men with accents, they are easy on the ears. In closing, remember to lick your Valentine today!

OK Folks, donate now to the num-num fund and receive a special "Love Blessing" from "Girlfriend". Today only. Offer expires at Midnight.

Make sure to check my blog daily as we have some special interviews in-studio this week.

Happy Valentine's Day! (Don't eat too many roses, everything in moderation)

1 comment:

  1. Miss M. said: Happy Valentines Day Clooney,

    I'm not only willing to contribute to the "Num-Num" Fund, I am also looking for a handsome cat to accompany me to dinner this evening. I was wondering if you were available....

    Yours Truly.....
    Enchanted Eyes


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