February 17, 2009


Good day Everyone! I just wanted to back up my blog claim of Sexiest Cat Alive by sharing my Magazine Cover with you. I'm the official "furry" double of my main man here. I regularly do shoots and stand-ins to top up the num-num fund. Sometimes I am subjected to silly hats and such, however, I am quite a good sport about it. It's all for the cause, you know. Now, for today's subject...

My Human requires that I watch the weekly episodes of "The Bachelor" with her. I conduct a statistical analysis of each episode, chart it, graph it, research the blogs and message boards and apply algorithms. It is quite a tedious process. I humor her, what can I say... There's a guy out there called Reality Steve that claims to know the outcome and is revealing clues each week. Personally, I think my system is more precise. If you donate to the num-num fund before the Final Rose Ceremony airs (March 2), I'll give you some "real" clues. So folks, who will Jason choose, Melissa or Molly? Any takers out there? What about the most shocking "After The Final Rose Ceremony" taping ever? Any ideas? Come on, throw me a bone (but let's leave Mr. L out of it this time)! Email me your thoughts on the matter, or leave a comment. Come on people, participaction. And what about me... Cloon for next Bachelor? Do I have your vote and show of support? I will be accepting photos and profiles of single, eligible female felines. Remember, I need an interesting mix of drama queens, crazies, wall-flowers, brainiacs, deep-thinkers, sensitive and shallow types, blonds and brunettes and all must be sexy. It's all about the ratings, you know. Oh and love of course. "FELINES, THIS IS THE FINAL ROSE OF THE EVENING... CLOON, WHEN YOU'RE READY..."

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