February 22, 2009



Joining me via Skype is an informant friend of mine from the good ol' days. He has just broken this shocking story about "The Baby" on a bender in Mexico.

Cloon: Tell me more. This is just too juicy.

Mr. X: Well Cloon, as you see from the Paparazzi photo, "The Baby" is going for it. He is painting the town orange.

Cloon: Poor Mr. L, he'll be needing an emergency Pet Psychology Session now for sure.

Mr. X: How is he taking the news?

Cloon: He's beside himself. He hasn't ever been separated from "The Baby" before. Not to mention, the reputation of Von Ice Enterprises is at stake as well.

Mr. X: All I can say is here I am at the Cabo Wabo Cantina having a few and suddenly "The Baby" takes the stage for karaoke, singing "One more tequila they were falling in love, one more is never enough"...

Cloon: Good choice of song. I couldn't have done it better myself.

Mr. X: Exactly. He's pulling out all the stops.

Cloon: Does there seem to be an end in sight?

Mr. X: Not at all. Rumor has it, he's just getting started and this may turn into a lifestyle.

Cloon: Shocking, really.

Mr. X: Wait a minute. Here comes "The Baby". He is strutting over in my direction.

Cloon: I want the exclusive interview.

Mr. X: I'll see what I can do, he's a bit temperamental. "Hey 'Baby', Cloon wants a word with you." Ok, Cloon go ahead, I'm handing him the headset.

Cloon: "Baby" what do you have to say for yourself?

"The Baby": Well, try spending your life in a dog's mouth... That's what I'm talkin about...
Cloon: What should I tell Mr. L?

"The Baby": Tell him that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that when I do return, I will have excellent footage for his Mockumentary Filmmaking business. Picture this: DOG TOYS GONE WILD!

Cloon: Now you're talkin...

Mr. X: Adios Amigo, "The Baby" and I are off to do the Macarena...

Cloon: Hey Macarena! Ay! (Audience, Clooney has major paw action going on!)

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