February 14, 2009

George Clooney-The Sexiest Cat Alive

Howdy Pardners! Live Long and Pawsper! Welcome to Day 1 of my Blog. Today was quite low-key at the Hacienda better known as Clooney Credit Canada. Them birdies was done frozed up today, up North here in Canada. So I took 'er easy, sleeping inside the donut most of the day. (If you donate to the num-num fund I'll post a pic of what I'm referring to as the donut). I did some wrestling later on with one of them there other felines; however, I'm conserving my energy for the early morning crazies. Well, I bid you a good evening Cowpokes, I'm off to roast some marshmallows with my miniature blowtorch. Don't try this at home. Happy Friday the 13th. She's almost gone.

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