July 1, 2015


Well hello there felines.  It's "Walkabout Wednesday" and my tunnel is checking out some local activities today...

It headed to our downtown for Canada Day...

My tunnel spent most of the day suntanning on the waterfront...

And taking in the sights from the boardwalk...

We live in Kelowna, a city with a population of around 117,000...

It is in the Okanagan Valley where there are over 200 wineries and downtown Kelowna is on Okanagan Lake which is over 135 km long and borders seven other communities or municipalities...

After the hot day in the sun, my tunnel spied something good...

Homemade soft ice cream!

My tunnel said it was the best ice cream it has ever had! 

I was really disappointed that I didn't get any licks of the ice cream! 

Happy Canada Day to our fellow Canucks!


  1. Happy Canada Day! Too bad ya didn't get dat ice cream.

  2. That's a pretty awesome walkabout your tunnel had for Canada Day, Cloon! Sorry about the ice cream, though.

    Happy Canada Day!

  3. Happy Canada Day! Wow, looks like a lot of fun was had over there!

  4. Your tunnel gave us a great tunnel vision, Clooney. Maybe you have to upgrade it for the micecream :D Pawkisses for a Great Day :) <3

  5. Looks like it was a beautiful day and tunnel enjoyed the walkabout! Sky is so big there. It must be very relaxing to stroll around on the boardwalk. Mmm....the soft ice cream looks super yummy! Happy Canada Day!

  6. Belated Happy Canada Day to you! The weather looks lovely.

  7. dood.& tiri...hapee bee lated Canada day two ewe both !! looks like de tunnelz hada awesum time...N we wooda been rite ther with him at thoze waters !! awesum ~~~ ewe guys live in a reel lee kewl citee.....hope mom bringed ya sum thin home from de festival....even a post card wooda been nice...ya noe !!

    Heerz two a climbin catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  8. What a wonderful walkabout and Happy Canada day!

  9. Thank you, sweet Clooney for allowing your tunnel to share those fun Canada Day activities with us. Don't feel bad, we didn't get a lick of that yummy looking ice cream either. Big hugs for your Mom for visiting my Mom's blog. Leaving you and sweet Neytiri lots of hugs and nose kisses, Happy Canada Day! Pooh.

  10. Wow, y'all really live in a most gorgeous place. Happy Belated Canada Day. That ice cream looks delish! We think you should have gotten some. Kisses to Clooney from F and G. Mom is wondering if y'all got a little package we sent you a few weeks ago? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. that was a pawtastic way to spend Canada Day! What a glorious area you live in! You are truly blessed. The ice cream lady looked as sweet as the cone she was holding. Happy Belated Canada Day! xoxo

  12. Happy Belated Canada Day! Your tunnel sure had a great day.

  13. Luvved yous Caturday awt foto Clooney. And OMC You home town is gawjus. Dat's so pawsum and what fun. Da ice cweam looks yummy. Weez sowry e didn't get any licks eever. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. It looked like a beautiful Canada day! What was that stuck in the ice cream? It looks like a cinnamon stick, but that would probably be a rude surprise if someone bit it.

  15. Happy Belated Canada Day! Glad your Mom had fun -sorry you didn't get any ice cream though.

  16. You and your tunnel live in a very pretty place! Happy Belated Canada Day. Because we live so close to Canada, we feel a special kinship with our Canadian furiends.

  17. Your town looks lovely - and so did the ice cream! I could do with one today as, astonishingly for Britain, it's really hot and sunny.

  18. We LOVE Kelowna! We don't get there much in the summer because of how bad the roads are with all the tourists.
    BTW, all we did on Canada Day was watch Mommy make pickled scapes and then clean and chop a black bag full of more! Good thing we have a great imagination. Is it as hot there as it is down here?

  19. Whoa that mice cream looks good. Is that cinnamon stuck in it?

  20. Whoa Cat that does look like some fine soft serve with a nice additive as a mast to start or finish with.
    As Einstein and I are Cat Scouts in Good Standing to get our Canada Day Badges we had to post 5 interesting factoids each

    Timmy Canada Day Facts
    1. The Mall of the Americas is owned by Canadians
    2. Yonge Street in Canada is the longest street in the world at 1178 miles
    3. Canadas coastline is the largest in the world
    4. Canada is the second largest country behind Russia
    5. In Newfoundland Canada the Atlantic sometimes freezes so they can play hockey on it

    Einstein Canada Day Facts
    1. Over half the residents have college degrees making it the most educated country
    2. The lowest temperature was in 1947 at minus 81.4F
    3. Canadians eat more Mac and Cheese than any other country
    4. There are more lakes in Canada than the rest of the world combined
    5. In Churchill Canada they leave their cars unlocked so anyone walking by has a handy escape from a polar bear
    6. On Christmas 1,000,000 letter are sent to Santa Clause at Hoh Oho, North Pole, Canada
    That Einstein just had to beat me. MOL
    Good day my furend


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