June 24, 2015


Well hello there felines.  It's "Walkabout Wednesday" and once again my tunnel is out and about...

This past Sunday, my tunnel took to Highway 97 and headed north to Vernon, a city of 38,000, located 46 km from where we live...
Kalamalka Lake above shows its different blue colors due to light scattering from the mineral calcite...

Then it headed up the mountain to an elevation of 5280 ft...

To Silver Star Mountain Resort...

My tunnel said the mountain air was so pure and fresh...

Silver Star is a pawpular skiing destination in the winter with some of the world's best powder...

Off-season it brings a lot of mountain bikers...

My tunnel enjoyed its walk on the wonderful hiking trails...

Taking in the beautiful sights of nature...

And the gorgeous wild flowers...

After my tunnel returned to Headquarters, it slept like a baby from all the pure, fresh mountain air...

Join us next Wednesday for our new series "Walkabout Wednesday".


  1. dood...we wood bee sleepin like wee babeez az well, thanx two yur tunnel for thiz toor...

    { pleez ta chex ta see if de lake haz bloo gil fishes ☺☺ }

    N best oh all ...BURD FREE treez for az far as de eye can see, N we haza good eye !!

    happee wednesday two all ~~~ waves ♥♥♥

  2. WOW! The mountain valley is beautiful!

  3. What lovely pictures! Your tunnel is so lucky to be able to travel so much.

  4. It looks such a great resort. The view is incredible!! I imagine the place will be packed in winter for skiers. But I enjoy summer scenery very much. Air does look very pure and fresh! And the wild flowers are beautiful. Glad your tunnel had a lovely day in the mountain :-)

  5. What a beautiful place! Your tunnel picked the purrfect spot to visit.

  6. We sure wish we could travel along with your tunnel. It goes to such beautiful and amazing places!

  7. Clooney, your tunnel really gets around!
    Hope you're having a great week.

  8. Wow, your tunnel sure does get to see some magnificent landscape! We'd like to travel with your tunnel too (so would our biped).

    Thanks for the bday wishes for Derry. :-)

  9. Pretty pics but I miss Tunnel Tuesday. Your tunnel should stay home with you and give your prezzies.

  10. That is a beautiful area, I would love to go there.

  11. Gosh! Wes hopes there is more going on at Silver Star than at Big White. When my Mommy and Daddy went there 2 weeks ago, it was DEAD!

  12. What a beautiful place to visit! Those photos have us taking deep brefs here to take in all that fresh air.

  13. Clooney what an amazing trip your tunnel took!

  14. WOW , what a pawsome trip your tunnel took.
    I bet it looks gorgeous up there in the mountains when it´s winter.


  15. Your tunnel is a most excellent photographer. Your tunnel has so many exquisitely beautiful places to visit, and we really enjoy seeing them. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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