June 10, 2015


Well hello there felines.  It's another "Walkabout Wednesday" and my tunnel has been gallavanting in Australia and the United States...Rumor has it that my tunnel is finally on its way back home...

Neytiri was out on the patio when, all of a sudden, she caught a glimpse of something...

A hot air balloon was heading our way...

I came outside to see theese one for myself...

Yep, there was my tunnel arriving, in style, by balloon and on target for Headquarters...
My tunnel will bring you some local adventures as soon as it gets over its jet lag balloon lag...stay tuned!
Join us next Wednesday for our new series "Walkabout Wednesday".


  1. Whoa, your tunnel knows how to arrive in style, doesn't it?

  2. Those thinks can be a bit noisy when they get close!

  3. We are so relieved that the tunnel came home safely. May it have a nice long nap now, so it can fill us in on its last adventures.

  4. Wow, your tunnel is really cool! It's got style and knows how to ride the ballon :-) Looks like it was a very lovely day to be flying. I sure hope it landed safely. And hope it'll get over balloon lag quickly! We are looking forward to reading about tunnel's next adventures!

  5. A balloon? Wow, we are impressed! Your Tunnel really knows how to travel in style, Cloon and Neytriri!

  6. Weez can't wait to see what adventures yous tunnel's been on Clooney. Y'all look just gawjus enjoyin' time on da patio. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. dood & tiri...N thanx bee ta all de cod that ever lived, yur tunnelz comin home in BURD FREE skiez......we haz enjoyed de ad venturez de tunnel waz on...spesh a lee Australia !!! we iz look in for werd ta walk abouts now in Canada !!! YAY !! ♥♥♥ happee week a head two ewe both ~~~

  8. HOLY CAT! delivered by BALLOON? Cooool!

  9. Yous guys has the hots too! Mes thinks purrhaps your tunnel will wants to head some place cool....mes is sure going to stay tuned!!!

  10. Wow hot air balloon you ride in style Cloon!

  11. Wow, a balloon ? How cool ! Purrs

  12. We just had to say, the balloon is lovely - but we just LOVE the little paw feet sticking out!
    Hugs y'all.


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