January 6, 2015



Well hello there felines.  So I goes to my tunnel in the early hours of the morn...and what do I find?  Wait a minute...my tunnel is outside in a snowbank!

And Mini-Cloon is having a hay day out in the snow too!  It's been snowing for two days and we received a record snowfall where we live and the plows have not yet made it out...

And it gets better...The woofie from next door is approaching...He is expecting an order of specialty biscuits that my long-lost cousin Cloonski Ogorki was bringing with him from Old Country.  The woofie had placed his order one whole year ago, the last time Cloonski was in Canada. 

Here he is expecting the goods...

I whisper to Neytiri to let him down gently.  You see, the snowpocalypse has affected all flights coming into our city and they have all been cancelled.  Thus my cousin is stranded and MIA with the dog biscuits...

As seen in the video, upon getting his attention, Neytiri communicates the disturbing news and the woofie starts to cry...

He exits stage left saying that next time, he will place his order on ebay...

Oh, oh.  Clooney Claus's Deers have now arrived on the scene as they were promised a perogy supper for Ukrainian Christmas tonight, we now have to break the news to them that the perogy supper is cancelled...

Upon hearing this disappointing news, they run down the mountain to order Chinese take-out...

Meanwhile my long-lost cousin Cloonski Ogorki is...
Stranded at the aeropuerto, feeling like a fool, he ate the dog's biscuits...what will he do?

Join us next TUNNEL TUESDAY for the exciting conclusion of Cloonski Ogorki's visit to Canada and our Ukrainian New Year's. 


  1. Beautiful snowfall! .
    Hope the plows dig you and the tunnel out soon!

  2. oh boy oh boy oh boy...we can't wait to see what happenskis next!

  3. Those dog biscuits must have tasted pretty good. Wow, what an adventure you got going here! It sounds like someone needs to dig the snow plows out. Stay warm, you guys!

  4. Wow, that is a LOT of snow! I feel bad for your neighbor dog, who was out in it. Although I guess that's what dogs have to do, since they don't use litter boxes.

  5. MOL...Cloonski, last photo cracked me up !
    And Dude & Miss Neytiri , you both are nice and kind :)
    Stay warm

  6. You've got a lot of snow ! Stay warm ! Purrs

  7. I've been known to eat dog biscuits too, so I understand your cousin.

    Brrrrr, it looks cold out there.

  8. Cloonski Ogorki must have been purrty hungry to eat those dog biscuits. We're sorry the woofie missed out on them. He sure was unhappy.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. We're on the edge of our seats, here!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  10. WOW! Now that's a lot of snow you got there! Too bad we don't get any down in Florida!

  11. Wow, that snow has caused a lot of problems at your house. We hope things work out soon.

  12. That seriously made my whiskers shiver!

  13. dood & tiri...oh kay, fora breef minit we feeled sorree for de dawg but knot de santa rein deer wanna beez.... { awesum mewvie by de way tiri....we gived it 984 paws UP } ♥

    guys...de rood deer iz showin ewe ther bak side N haz NOE MANNERZ.....if they wanna come bak & bee pole lite N show ther faces....perogiez it iz...other wise they can snax on twigs N kleen up yur yard while they iz at it


  14. Oh no! Someone has to pick up Cloonski Ogorski!!! He's going to starve without biscuits. Someone bring him some hot Borsch!! - Crepes.

  15. OMG I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!! This was just too funny! Wow you sure DID get some big time snow! The video with Neytiri conveying the news to the woofie is just too funny! xoxo

  16. Looks like Tuennel and Mini-Cloon are enjoying the snow. But brrrr, that's a lot of snow! Too bad Cloonski is stuck At the airport. The woofie and deers must be so disappointed. And especially the woofie, he'd be shocked if he finds out Cloonski ate the biscuits!
    I wish a safe flight for him, and hope he can come visit you soon!

  17. That is a lot of snow, we didn't even get an inch, but I am not complaining.

  18. We hope that the tunnel doesn't vanish for good under all that snow. Are you going to send a taxi for cousin Cloonski Ogorki?

  19. Your cousin Cloonski Ogorki ate the dog biscuits? We hope he doesn't start barking!

  20. We're sorry that snow messed up tings so much at your house, Cloon and Neytiri. Poor Cloonski, having to eat those biscuits. And we feel even worse for the neighbor's dog, because now he'll never get hid order. :(

    Stay warm, and inside, dear friends.

  21. Cloonski's big eyes in that last photo are quite mesmerizing. Wow, that is a lot of snow. We have only had one snow so far and it was weeks ago. We hate the stuff ourselves. Your poor woofie neighbor. Maybe he should try Amazon. G and F would like to thank Clooney for the wonderful time on New Year's Eve. They also would like to apologize for not writing a formal note, but they have not been able to get the P.A. to do their bidding. She's been quite useless all through the holidays. They send kisses to Clooney, and we send love and purrs to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty My, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. Oh my that is a lot of snow. WE understand by Cloonski was stranded ... poor woofie maybe next time.

  23. Gosh, you're havin' snow troubles, for sure. And how DID your tunnel end up outside? Does anyone know? Too bad the doggy from next door is gonna place his orders on e-Bay from now on. Does he know they may be affected by adverse weather, too?


  24. This is a soap opera... or a snow opera. Poor Woofie. Poor Cloonski Ogorki. What will happen now?
    We'll stay tuned and hope for a thaw.

  25. WOW! So much snow… it looks really pretty. Too bad it is getting in the way of the woofie's treats and the deers special Christmas dinner…

  26. Goodness Catness Clooney what will all those needy critters do? Hope cousin Cloonski Ogorki gets out of the air-o-port befur the spring thaw! To think we kvetch about 2 inches down here in Pennsylvania!
    Hey Neytiri you have a great future as a cat-woofie translator

  27. Merry Christmas! Wes having Perogies, Borscht, Cabbage Rolls and Birthday cake today, because its my human brother's birthday and Ukrainian Christmas!
    Mes can't wait to hear more about your Cousin!

  28. Oh WOW! How exciting!! What will happen next?

    BTW mum and I couldn't see the video on the iPawd! :(

  29. OMC! But I’d rather order Chinese food than eat perogie.


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