October 31, 2011


Hello there Audience!  Welcome to our Halloween Festivities at Haunted Headquarters!  Enter if you dare...Thanks to our friend Mr. Puddy for making us the above cool Halloween graphic!

Well my fine little ghosts and goblins, in honour of our 1st Year Anniversary of finding the Cat Blogosphere, we are running our special Halloween tips from last year for you:  

5) Bring a Vampire home to meet your family (it's a sure way to spice things up around the household).
4) Take a tour of a local haunted house.
3) Hide around the hallway corner and pounce on your unsuspecting Human.
and Cloon's #1 tip for a Purr-fect Halloween is:
1) When you find a house that is giving out Num-Nums, keep going back there until your "pillow case" is full.

Now we shall start the Parade of the Brujas...That is the name for witch in Spanish.  Neytiri thought it had a nice ring to it...

Actually, our parade features only one Bruja and that is Neytiri modeling her outfit with different poses.  This is her first Halloween dressed up and only her 2nd assignment modeling clothing to date.  

Neytiri says there is lots of Brewhaha about being a Bruja...and has some tips to ensure your success:

1) First of all you need a good hat (check, check).
2) Then you must have a stylish dress (check).
3) Attitude is important.  Brujas must practice their various facial expressions and a frown or a pirate sneer work well...
4) You must have a cat (she is a cat so she has this one covered).
5) Finally, every Bruja must have an excellent broom.  Neytiri's pink duster doubles as her broom and if she flies low around Headquarters she can dust at the same time...

Ok, my precious pretties...Now for a list of our special activities at Haunted Headquarters.  The Cloon is hosting Pumpkin Decorating. 

Bruja Neytiri is supervising the Bobbing for Eyeballs station...Mwahahaha!  (Joe the Donkey galloped over when he heard about this!)

Neytiri is getting a chuckle from "Ducky's" costume!  He is dressed as a Mummy.

"Ducky" will be in charge of the station "Make Your Own Mummy Costume". 

We hope you enjoy our festivities here at Haunted Headquarters.  Also stop by The Ladies of Autumn's Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein and Charlie's Big Halloween Round-Up



  1. Wow !!! Big Big Celebrate here !!! I'm glad you like the graphic !!! Love your tips, Mr. Cloon ! I make sure I do that and stay safe tonight : )
    Happy Halloween !!!!

    xxx Special Kisses to Miss Neytiri, You are so bootiful : )

  2. There is a lot of fun going on at your house for Halloween, Clooney! And you did not say anything about costumes being required for the guests - even better!!

  3. happy Blogoversary too. Great pictures - bootiful costumes. Happy Halloween.

  4. Neytiri models as to the manor born! I think she enjoys it a bit to much. There could be trouble ahead .... ;)

  5. What a wonderful post... I love all the pictures.... Have a greatday....

    Happy Happy Halloween

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  6. Cloon, we love your tie. And Neytiri, you do such a wonderful job of modeling. You have all the guy cats here all in a Twitter. And they don't even tweet.
    We can't get Joe to come home, he is having so much fun bobbing for eyeballs. It would be a little better if it was apples. Happy Halloween to all of you. Great pictures.

  7. Great photos and such wonderful costumes=gorgeous Neytiri is a beautiful "witchy" model!!...Happy Halloween sweet friends!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Wow, your Halloween party is pawsome!!! Cloon we think your "Tricks for Tuna" tie is so great and Tiri is the most beautiful witch ever!!! Your sneering picture is super scary too...Happy Halloween friends, we love you :-)

  9. Wow is right! What a fabulous time you're having and what FANTASTIC photos! Neytiri is a stunning model, and apparently very cooperative too. :-)

    Have a happy and safe All Hallow's Eve!

  10. Oh my goodness, Neytiri is stunning! *swoon* happy halloween to you guys!

  11. we want to come to YOUR house for Halloween!!! Your photos are completely AMAZING!!

    Your tips are impawtant too!

    LOVE the graphic that Puddy's Mom did for you too!


  12. You guys look great! Happy Halloween!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  13. You guys are precious! I hope you all have a wonderful safe and Happy Halloween!

  14. What a FUN time you all have at your house! Neytiri, Mommy says to fly over and dust any time you want; and bring Clooney so she can "straighten his tie"! Mommy is weird...
    Happy Halloween!

  15. We love your Halloween costumes, Cloon and Neytiri (and ducky!). Cloon, your tip #1 was the BEST, dude. :)

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Happy Halloween!! I totally enjoyed all the fun pictures of you. And Mr. Puddy is very talented to make such beautiful graphic.
    Mr. Clooney, you are so handsome and cool with the tie! I love your Halloween tips, but I wonder where I can find Vampire. It sure will spice things up - did you find your Vampire? Hehe.
    And oh my gosh, Neytiri's beauty is breathtaking!! She is a terrific model! And she can fly and dust at the same time. LOL!!
    Ducky is a very scary mummy, but... I got a chuckle, too :-)

    Thank you for fun Halloween. I hope you have a great day and extra treat today!

  17. Great tips and costumes! We luf Ducky's costume too. Happy Halloween to all at the Haunted Headquarters!

  18. Excellent costumes!! We loves them!! Happy Halloween!!

  19. Whoa! That tie is sooooo cool, Cloon. Neytiri the Bruja is also soooo wicked looking. purrr...meow!

  20. Hi Mr. Clooney! We so excited, thank you for coming to visit us 😄 Neytiri sure does make a pretty Bruja. That low flying and dusting sure does sound a bit like that "work" we've heard of before. So, you might want to be careful with that 😉. We followed your number one advice and gots our pillow case all full of super yummy treats, even some Temptations! We dis wuz your Halloween Headquarters. And yup, that was a super good party by TOLA over at the Castle! Man, can you believe all the food and treats? Wow! We staying the night in the turret room with Miss MoMo. She did our pictures for us so we could go to the party.

    We sure glad we got to visit with you. We been missing our wonderful friends much. We taking good care of Mumsy, and you sure made her smile. Thank you, Mr. Clooney, we think you be dis great. We hope you had a very fun Halloween and we'll see you later!

    Hugs, xoxoxo

  21. OMMMGGGGGG Neytiri, you are an AWESOME Bruja and model! OMG. <33333333333333333

    and Cloon, love your outfit too!! and awesome Halloween image!

    gah, you guys are just too awesome. i've missed reading your blog. :)

  22. I'm sorry I missed your house for Halloween. I love your tie and the pawty sounded wonderful.


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