September 27, 2011


 We are back in business after our 2 week Blogcation and Secretary Neytiri has dusted the tunnel after the construction.  And we're live...


Well hello there Audience.  So I goes to my "tunnel" in the wee hours of the morn and what do I find?  There waiting for me is Da Bird!!!  Can you believe it felines?  My tunnel came through for me once again and brought me some fantastic entertainment.  I was besides myself with excitement! 

 Here we are checking out Da Bird...I gave it the bitey just to make sure it was up to snuff.  And of course, it passed the test!

 Here I am going in for some action...

And here's Neytiri watching Da Bird very closely...I've come to the conclusion that theese one is a good one!  Of course, I am partial to feathers!  Does anyone else out there have Da Bird?  Or is anyone a fan of feathers? 

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".


  1. Yay fur being back! This toy looks like fun, AND it has the bitey seal of approval.

  2. Welcome back, my good lookin' friends! We LOVE Da Bird here too!

  3.'re back! I love Da Bird! purrr...meow!

  4. OMC! Da Bird rules! We have one, and my human does not bring it out anywhere near often enough!

  5. Da bird looks like fun. I like feathers alot, but da birds I play with all fly away (mostly)! love Austin >^,,^<

  6. DAt mus be a magical tunnel cuz it has the most fun things that keep appearing. I think I want one of those too.

  7. welcome back! i kinda inadvertently had a blogcation too...

    i've never seen a Da Bird before. the feathers on it look really nice! :) i hope you enjoy it!

  8. Kitties this is very exciting!!! You will love Da Bird, it is the most coveted toy in our house....enjoy :-)

    Oh Tiri it is so good to see your face again!!!

    ~your Ginger snap

  9. Welcome back..... Love the pictures of you and Da Bird. Cool tunnel deposit for sure.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. That looks like a great gift your tunnel sent you two! We don't have one, but we've heard they are great!

  11. Wow, great surprise from your tunnel, Clooney!

    We don't have Da Bird, but we do have another similar feather toy--which we're not keen on. Which is why we don't have Da Bird. LOL.

    Nice to see you back!

  12. We has a similar toy and LOVE it - mom has to hide it to keep certain individuals from eating the fevvers. :)

  13. We had one of those birdie things ... then Alfie eated the fevvers.

    Milo xx

  14. Clooney! Glad you are back! Missed ya buddy!
    Thanks for stopping by. So sorry the pawty was just about over, but I thought I saw you with a mouse in your mouth from the mouse safari!
    PS Where do I get a tunnel like that? The only thing I ever find in mine is Nellie

  15. Hi Cloon and Neytiri! It's so nice to see you ... we really missed you!

    That tunnel is fantastic, Cloon. It brought you Da Bird? WOW! We have Da Bird, too, and we think it is the bestest toy ever. :)

    -Sammy and Moosey

  16. Whoa! da bird! Don't have one of those but I'm partial to my peacock feathers. They're plucked right offa da bird. MOL

  17. Da Bird in Da Tunnel is Da Purrfect!!!

  18. I'll say it again Cloon. I need one of those magic tunnels!

  19. Welcome baaaaack! We missed you!!
    Looks like Neytiri did dusting very well for re-opening of the tunnel. And the tunnel did great job again! My Goro loves Da Bird, too!! He has killed many many feathers :-)
    I hope you had a very good Blogcation!!

  20. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I missed you!
    Have a great Wednesday guys!

  21. Welcome back, Clooney and Neytiri! What a pawsome Tunnel delivery! We have a Da Bird except it has a mousie attachment on the end, and we love it! We like feathers too but prefer the floofier ones. Have fun!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  22. welcome back! You were definitely missed!

    Cody likes feathers but he doesn't have "Da Bird" I am a killjoy, he tries to eat feathers on toys that have them and they make me nervous so his fun isn't very long-lived lol

  23. MOL! My favorite is when you are playing with DaBird with them, and they are so focused on it, then suddently they just turn and stare right at you! Like, "hey goofus, which one of us is having more fun?" (kinda like Neytiri in that last photo but I'm sure she's much less sarcastic than Stella)


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