March 1, 2011



Hello there felines!  So I goes to my "tunnel" to see what is happening and lo' and behold there sits three packages.  I takes a closer look and sees that theese packages have come from the interwebs.  Can you believe it felines?  Not only has my tunnel made special packages appear that are from the interwebs, they are specifically from the Cat Blogosphere.  How great is that?  So, I open up the first package and out comes theese little fellow below.  He is a Virtual Squillion from the Cat Blogosphere Shelter.  His name is Doogie Howser PhD and he is my very own VSquillion to take care of.  His name comes from my Human's first ever feline. 
Then I proceed to open the second package and out jumps the tiny little VSquillion called Katmandu.  Now theese little lady is named in honour of a kitten my Human tried to help a couple years ago.

Then Miss Trovsky from the Pink Nose Society got a hold of her package and very excitedly opened it and out came "Girlfriend".  Now theese VSquillion is named after my former Secretary "Girlfriend".  Miss Trovsky will now have her very own VSquillion to take care of .
For anyone wanting more information on theese VSquillions please visit The Offishul Cat Blogosphere V Squillions Shelter.  Also yesterday, February 28 happened to be the Squillion Day - 5th Anniversary, you can go over and visit Derby and Virginger the feline and the Squillion that started it all.

Join me each TUESDAY felines for other magical and mysterious appearances in my "tunnel".


  1. Congratulations on your new Virtual Squillions! And how awesome that they came in those special boxes ;)

  2. interesting! i didn't know what (v)Squillions were until now. :) congrats!

  3. Your VSquillions are great! We've asked for a "Missy You" one in Annie's honour, because our mom misses her so very much. We have two others, as well, kinda forgot about them, we're sorry to say!

  4. We will have to check out the VSquillions since we don't knows what they are. Congrats! Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Those Squillions are so cool Cloon...and that magical tunnel is something else!

  6. Your VSquillions are vereh cool, Clooney. We'll have to look in to one too in honor of our mom's firstcat Mouse. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. Oh, that's neat. Must be a special tunnel. If you figure out how to make paper money appear, please let us know ASAP.

  8. MeWowZa...thanks for telling us all about the new V-Squillions that arrived via your magical tunnel!


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