March 14, 2011

Psst...Pass On The Blog Award, Will Ya?

Hello there Audience.  We were given the "Awesome Blog Award" from a very Awesome blog called A Cats Golden Years.  Now theese blog is just spectacular as it features the artistry of Miss Kitty and her Dad.  Miss Kitty is the beautiful subject and her Dad is the very talented artist and photographer.  You must go over and have a look if you haven't been there before.  So a big thank you to them for choosing us as one of the blogs to pass the award on to.  In turn, we have chosen to pass on the Awesome Blog Award to 2 very special blogs that shine through with their Awesomeness:

Gorogoro and Nikoniko has such sweet stories that always warms your heart with a little chuckle.  (Their Mom tells very cute stories.)  Plus Goro and Niko are two unique characters that are very handsome (ahem...they'z my evil twins).  So go on by and have a little visit, will ya?

life with Fae is about Fae, a Devon Rex who lives in Australia.  Ok, now theese little lady takes the cake with her cuteness or her "FAEness" as her Human would call it.  She has the most priceless expressions and her Human is very talented at capturing them by taking great pictures.  Her Human also writes very creative and interesting posts.  Please go by and check out that "FAEness" for yourself, will ya?

I (Clooney) shall now share with you all 7 things about ourselves that go along with the Awesome Blog Award:

1) My Human says that I always smell good.  Apparently I smell like I'z sprayed myself with a good cologne.  She is bewildered by theese and can't figure it out.  (What happens in my Secret Laboratory, stays in my Secret Laboratory...)

2)  My Human says I have 2 modes: crazy man or stuffed animal.  In "crazy man" I run at full speed, skid around on the floor, jump onto high places, adjust paintings on the wall with my paw etc. etc.  In "stuffed animal" mode I am very irresistible.  I turn over for tummy-rubs and curl my little toes and I am referred to as "Captain Curly Toes".  When I am in theese mode, I let my Human snorgle my tummy and shower me with kisses.

3)  Neytiri is a "nest-stealer".  (I thinks she may be part dodo bird.)  She always steals my best sleeping spots and then takes them over permanently as her own.  She has done this with my blue "Prince" bed, my "donut" and my "tunnel".

4)  When the woofie from next door comes over to spy on us felines and sits outside our window, Neytiri stares right back at him and purrs while she does this (she may have a bit of a crush, I mean the guy is cute...).

5)  Neytiri is a bit of a "stuntwoman".  She jumps right over me and then tries to do the wrestling "takedown" by putting her paw on my back and trying to push me to the ground.  (So far it doesn't work too well but if she gets to be one of theese "big" ragdolls, I might start to worry...)

6)  Neytiri is a "Snoopervisor".  (In fact, I thinks she has been getting some tips from Sammy and Andy in Texas, who have advanced Snoopervisory skills...)  She follows our Human everywhere and watches everything especially bathroom duties like face washing, teeth brushing and make-up application.

7)  My Human likes to dance with me.  She "sambas" over to me and at first I "strut" away but then I comes back and hangs out with her (as I secretly enjoy the attention and the "dance").

Well that's all folks!  I hopes you has an "Awesome" day...


  1. Congrats fur sure, and I totally agree...awesome you are! I really liked you list too!!!

  2. Concatulations on the award! Your list was terrific!

    -Nicki and Derry

  3. Congrats for Award !!!
    Your list is funny !!!! But...
    Neytiri, No No..For Crush on woofie , Ok. ?

    Have a great day, and please change your mind

  4. Concatulations on the award! I loved your facts.

  5. congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to my blog. :)) i'll do my best to keep up with the awesomeness of accepting this award, but your list of things is unbeatable! :'(

    i've never heard of a cat purring just at seeing a dog. i definitely agree that Neytiri must have a big crush. ;)

  6. Undeniably true -- you deserved the awesome blog award because you are totally awesome!

  7. Concats on your Awesomeness, Mr Clooney! What fun facts about you and Neytiri...and we thought she looked so innocent :-D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  8. Congratulations on your award...loved reading your seven things. We liked your crazy man mode and rearranging the pictures on the walls. Now that sounds like fun. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Congratulations on that awesome award!! And we enjoyed learning more about you and Neytiri!!


    I love how your Mommy describes you as either a "crazy man or a stuffed animal" too funny!!!

  11. Congrats on your award, Cloon! I definitely agree that you are awesome! I love these awards because it's so fun to learn facts about my fav kitties. I want to smell you now! o.o

  12. Greetings dear Clooney,

    What a writeup about us, so very kind.
    It was great learning seven different things about you and Neytiri, especially knowing she steals your sun puddle spots.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont


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