March 13, 2011


Cloon:  Hello there Audience.  A special canine I know had a Birthday theese past week.  That guy is Mr. L !  And joining me in-studio today for a special interview is Mr. L's best friend, "The Baby".  "Baby", we'z all been worried about you, good to see you'z still in one piece!

"The Baby":  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

Cloon:  I see you'z been keeping up with the Elvis impersonations.  Excellent! So where have you been and what have you been up to?

"The Baby": I'm afraid that's classified information...

Cloon:  Come on eh, throw me a bone, will ya?

"The Baby":  Just messin' with ya Cloon!  I've been at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo having unlimited foot massages.

Cloon: I was wondering when you were finally going to cash in on your Christmas pressie from ol' Clooney Claus...Now I swear you look a year younger since the last time I'z seen you...Have you had botox?

"The Baby":  Well thanks for noticing Cloon!  Actually I've had a chemical peel...and "horneoplasty"...

Cloon: Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?

"The Baby":  I've had plastic surgery on my horns.  Don't they look fabulous!

Cloon:  Let's give them a closer inspection, shall we?  Hmm, they appear to be quite tough as I'z giving  them the bitey and they'z standing up to the test!  Now, let's get to the matter at hand...

"The Baby": Uh, yes of course...My best friend Mr. L had his 6th Birthday this past week and I'm afraid we missed it...

Cloon:  Oh oh.  Theese bodes ill.  That guy is going to be peeved with us and he's my head of security...How do you think we can redeem ourselves?

"The Baby":  I think that a good ol' ham bone and an Elvis song may do the trick.

Cloon:  Excellent!  I will have SIX ham bones FedExed to Von Ice Enterprises immediately.  One to celebrate each year of Mr. L's existence on the planet.  (I mean I depends on the guy for private eye work and my security at Headquarters, so I needs to make sure he'll forgive me...).  Now for the Elvis song...Are you ready to go "Baby"?  A one, two three four...

"The Baby": (in a deepened voice) "Well, it's one for the money.  Two for the show.  Three to get ready. Now Go, Dog Go.  But Don't You...step on his blue suede paws.  Well, you can do anything...but lay off of Mr. L's blue suede paws"...




  2. Happy belated Birthday to Mr L! What a sweet face he has too, and awesome friends in The Baby and you, Cloon. We sure hope he enjoys the ham bones!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie
    (Wriggley sends a woof-out too!)

  3. Happy belated birthday, Mr. L!!
    Sounds like "The Baby" is having a fabulous life...vacationing at all inclusive resort in Cabo, getting plastic sugery.. Glad you remembered Mr. L's birhday :-)

  4. Happy Birthday a wee bit late Mr. L.!!!


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