January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday...on Friday

My Human says all of her felines have had very distinctive walks.  None of us has "sounded" like the other.  She could always tell who would appear in the room by the sound of their walk, except for "Girlfriend" who would appear like magic, silently. 

So, my Human is thankful for:

Doogie's Hop
(Doogie only had one back leg so she could hear his hippity-hop)
 Girlfriend's Gracefulness
(She was so light on her feet and walked silently)
Clooney's Strut
(She says I walk with a lot of purpose and swag and sound like a herd of little elephants)

Neytiri's "Ragdoll Shuffle"
(She drags her little feet and you can hear her "hairy" paws)


  1. this post could not be more true.

    i laugh because one of my step children were visiting one time and i remarked to a noise we heard, ' oh that was Stripes' and another time we heard a meow and i said 'that was lucky' . my stepson was amazed - he said 'you know them by their walks ! '

    and i said, well of course !

    loved your post. it is so true.
    great photos too!!!

  2. Hey Cloon,
    My Mama said the same thing. It's a human special ability she said. duh? purrr....meow!

  3. Cloon, My mom love this post : )
    Because she love to hear when I walks
    and Actually she said I walk the same sound as you : ) " little elephants"

  4. Our Mom can tell us apart by our walk too! We have never heard the Ragdoll Shuffle, but it sounds cute!

    I hop like a bunny, Deli is very delicate and fast, Sweet Pea stomps because of her extra toes and Bella just slides along almost undetectable!

  5. Our mom can tell us apart too when we walk...Ernie's like you, Cloon...he sounds like a herd of elephants...must be all those extra toes....


  6. Mum only hears us if we're playing a game of THoE.

  7. Our mum only hears us when chase each other.

  8. Rag Doll Shuffle really made us laugh. We has carpeting all over, so no one hears me walk unless I take off on a zooming streak. Den I sound like an effelant or 10 kitties (I'm an only cat).

  9. My Sam is chortling over here. He said, "See, Mom? I'm not the only one that stomps through the house", sheesh, and there's carpet. I on the other hand am very dainty as a girl should be. Talk to the hand, Sam.
    We are sending nose licks and head bonks all around :)

  10. Oh, we didn't know we were supposed to haf distinctive walks. Hmm... maybe we need to practice our walk more... to get that personal style, you know.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  11. Aww, so cute!!! I want to hear the Ragdoll Shuffle! I also wanted to thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog about cool cat stuff, because I work really hard to find it! :D

  12. I just LOVE this post because I can tell who is coming down the hall without seeing them also!!! Just goes to show, everyone is an individual :-)

  13. We must all have our own footsteps too but Mom is hearing impaired and can't hear us. Pop can tho!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  14. I always laugh when Cody comes running into the room. He is a small cat in stature but he thunders through a room like a little baby elephant! lol

  15. Aww, what a sweet post. Each kitty has a recognizable walk.

    Your cats are so beautiful.

    And you are so lucky to live with that handsome George!

    I just found your blog! Looks like a fun place.

  16. cats certainly do have very unique ways of walking. :) Fae walks very purposefully, kinda like the big cats you see on TV or at zoos. she also hops like a bunny sometimes. it's weird lol.

  17. It's really nice to meet you! Funny thing is, the quietest walker of all of us is me, and I weigh 18 pounds. 'Course I like to sneak up on the other kitties and scare/attack them. That's why I've got my own room!

  18. Our mom can also tell us apart by how we sound when we walk!

  19. Teri knows us by our meows but says she;ll pay more attention to our footfalls from now on

  20. How cute. Target and Au are silent but Boris thunders like an elephant.

    Great news! Au ate some roast chicken and some salmon treats. Crossing fingers he's turned the corner. Thanks for your purrs. We're really hoping this is the start of the cure.

  21. What a cute post! Every kitty has different walk sound just as they all have different personality :-)
    Mr. Clooney, please come to my blog to see your award. My boys want you to have the stylish blogger award!


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